OPINION: Nigeria: A Killing Field


A crumbled democracy and failed state. Illustration: Ed Stein

A few weeks ago, I expressed that the best way to reset the nation-state Nigeria is through military intervention. I was accused by “government boys” and apologists, of treason. Me, committing treason for stating the obvious? 

Well, I accept that. But haven’t the past administrators of our dear country, including politicians been committing treasonable felonies to our Nation and lives? Let me be clear: There should be a bloody coup orchestrated by young fearless military officers and nationalists. The plotters, if they succeed, should arrest all the politicians since Independence, Past and Present Inspector Generals of Police, Police Commissioners, DPOs, Army Generals, retired and or retarded, charge them with corruption and treason, then execute the bastards. The new young military dictators should freeze all assets of our leaders and politicians past, place Nigeria under the State of Emergency for two years, so as to structure and restore security; ban all religious and political activities, freeze all politicians’ bank accounts and properties; hold public trials of these rogues.

The military junta must introduce public executions for corruption. Nigeria has been publicly executing armed robbers. So why not apply the same punishment to corrupt past and present leaders. If we are serious about restructuring Nigeria, then we must stop our emotional shits and “what ifs”. I continue to pray for a coup to rescue Nigeria from complete destruction.

 Nigeria is uniquely complex, and we must deal with its socio-political complexities with brute seriousness…Military intervention will restructure Nigeria. It will restore security and discipline. I understand military intervention is not the best for democracy, but in a wild-wild Savannah like Nigeria, it’s the only available option. Nigeria is presently chaos, a clear and present danger. They should reset us toward paths, known, then exit our twilight zone. Politicians have failed our nation. They will continue to fail. Life is the hardest. Life has no value. Life nor get meaning in Nigeria.

The state of the Nigerian nation is everybody for himself and the politicians to themselves. Even God/Allah/Orisha is no longer for us. Politicians have broken that precious sacrament that was endearing to our homeland. Anybody who is telling you that Nigeria is the best nation on earth: love Nigeria or leave her is either a part of the rogues or is living in fantasy Savannah.

Who is safe in Nigeria? Every day there are kidnappings, terrorism, assassinations. Inflation is hybrid, rich and poor are wailing, weeping and gnashing rotten teeth. unemployment is babanla blazing, insecurity has become our way of life. Our leaders and their pathetic followers continue to marginalize the system to selfishly benefit themselves. We are anarchic crossroads. We are at the five points of hopelessness driven by fear and insecurity. My people, it is not well with Nigeria! How many programs have this, and previous administrations initiated and effected that best and benefitted the lives of everyday citizens? Are you better today than you were since you were born in Nigeria? Our children have grown into the same suffering and smiling that we experienced and lived. When will this end?

Graduates are roaming the streets and social media in search of daily meals and jibiti. They have been marginalized and frustrated beyond humanity. Unemployment continues to boom thus causing economic and hardship and doom for generation X. Our hospitals are junkyards of outdated and nonfunctional medical equipment and healthcare. Citizens die from preventable diseases because there are no medicines and efficient hospitals to treat them. Where hospitals exist our vulnerable citizens are abused by doctors who are being owed salaries. The peasant farmer cannot afford basic healthcare, even at our government-run hospitals.

Electricity in the 21st century is still light years from twinkle stars. Go to the Universities: students purchase “handouts” from their lecturers to study. Each handout costs between N2,500 and N3,500. Lecturers infringe on Authors’ copyright, steal intellectual properties of textbooks, illegally reproduce chapters from recommended textbooks and sell them to students as compulsory “handouts”. In some cases, and campuses, purchase of lecturer’s “handouts” are automatic grade pass for your causes. 

Abeg na who curse us? The young military coup plotters should intervene and save Nigeria from disintegration. There is no discipline. No safety. No law and order in Nigeria. The military after its successful coup, should reorganize Nigeria, give us directions and a sense of purpose and discipline, then after four years, organize general elections for Nigeria that shall usher new young politicians between the ages 25 and 55. Disqualify past politicians and aged corrupt con men and women.

The 2024 political landscape is featuring the same useless old and sick politicians. Why must we continue to recycle the same wuruwuru thieves to rape us, to commit treason brazenly and boldly, against our dear Nigeria, again? 

My friends shall read this, and a few may call to remind me of treason. Please do not bother me with your pathetic apologies. Those wey don dey lead us since independence, wetin dem commit? What is more treason than the arrogant corruption against us? What is more, treason when children are kidnapped and murdered every day, and the government continues to be docile? Or when innocent Nigerians are killed because their religion is different from yours? Nigeria is a killing field and the only response to stop the daily blood bath is military intervention.

Democracy is deadly in Nigeria. Democracy is corruption. Democracy has failed Nigerians. Our leaders have dehumanized us with democracy. I will write again.