Boost Your Immune System With This Centuries-Old Health Hack: Vaccines

AUTHORS:   AIMEE PUGH BERNARD ASSISTANT PROFESSOR OF IMMUNOLOGY AND MICROBIOLOGY, UNIVERSITY OF  COLORADO ANSCHUTZ MEDICAL CAMPUS DAVID HIGGINS RESEARCH FELLOW, INSTRUCTOR OF PEDIATRICS, UNIVERSITY OF COLORADO ANSCHUTZ MEDICAL CAMPUS There are a dizzying number of tips, hacks and recommendations on how to stay healthy, from dietary supplements to what color of clothes promotes optimal wellness. Some of these tips are helpful and based on good evidence, while others are not. However, one of the easiest, most effective and safest ways to stay healthy is rarely mentioned: vaccination. We are a preventive medicine physician and an immunologist who want people to live the healthiest lives possible. Among the many research-backed ways to live healthier, we encourage people to eat well , exercise regularly , get good sleep and care for their mental health. And when it comes to your immune system, nothing can replace the essential role vaccines play in promoting whole health. The protect

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