Rochas Okorocha's Address To Imo State Congress Of America Town Hall Meeting

AUGUST 4, 2013

Rochas Okorocha, Governor of Imo State Speech to the Imo State Congress of America Town Hall Meeting in Atlanta, Georgia, August 4, 2013. Image: Abiodun Oluwarotimi/The Leader News

"What is happening in Imo state now has never been recorded in the past twenty years and that was the result of my decision not to allow corruption in my government. I want you all to know that it was not my desire to be governor in Imo state but I had to come on a rescue mission when I saw failure instead of success.

"The level and the condition I met the state was very embarrassing to the extents that my colleagues did not want to spend nights anytime they visited me. I almost fainted the day Ohakim was handing over to me because everywhere looked very bad.

"The level of crimes and prostitution among our girls and boys had reduced since we made them enjoy free education at all levels. In fact, we do pay some stipends to all our students just for them to be very comfortable

"Education is worth appreciating in the state. You must appreciate something that you want to get the best out of. You can never get the best out of something you do not appreciate, and something you do not appreciate will surely depreciate

"PDP has no plan for the South East because it cannot guarantee an Ibo man becoming the president in 2015. APGA also cannot guarantee an Ibo man becoming the president of the nation because it is not a national party but it is only the APC that can make this happen so I implore all the people from the South East to come and join us

"Why should you, upon all your qualifications, come to America, pick up dirty jobs and still be insulted when there are better opportunities for you to team up with my administration if you know you have the potentials to help develop the state"