NIGERIA: Experts In Digital Healthcare Launch Doctorcare247

Image via Advanced MD


--Experts in digital healthcare system have launched a telehealth platform to aid the delivery of healthcare services to patients at their convenience. The chief executive officer of the group, Chucks Chibundu, said Doctorcare247 would help change the landscape of healthcare in Nigeria, noting that the desire to bring convenience to healthcare seekers was the idea behind the development of the service. “Nigerian digital health space is largely virgin. Government is currently pushing technology and healthcare policies are aimed at ensuring Nigeria takes advantage of global trends to align and enhance local efforts for desired benefits to Nigerians. Our initiative through Doctorcare247 is to complement government efforts at building capacity that supports universal healthcare for all, albeit driven by technology.

“With Doctorcare247, patients have immediate access to medical care from the comfort of their homes, offices or even on the go. Patients avoid long waits at hospitals and clinics, and get prompt help in case of emergencies,” he said. He added that the platform would benefit both medical practitioners and organisations saying that Doctorcare247 is solving the problem of access by enabling providers to extend their geographic boundaries for improved access to primary care and specialty providers. The Doctorcare247 platform can be accessed from any device, anywhere, and at any time. The platform brings added value to organisations since the use of telehealth, as opposed to physical visits to medical facilities, increases savings on health plans.

“Doctorcare247 will work with Health Management Organisations (HMO’s) to provide coverage in most states. Patients with high cost plans will benefit from Doctorcare247 as it provides access at lower costs. Using the platform also cuts out all other ancillary costs and convenience of accessing physical medical facilities,” Chibundu said. Telehealth is global new healthcare delivery system that is gaining wide spread recognition, especially with the constant enhancement of technology that drives delivery and Internet connectivity.