"Love is a Crime" By Nina Fabunmi

If love is a crime then sue me
For I am guilty of all that it asked of me
It was the hunter and I, the hunted
I fell prey to its strength
Let go and let it consume me
And like a drunken man
I have been intoxicated by it


If love is unconditional, how can it be wrong
Two people in love, that's all that matters

A passion ignited
Desires that must be fueled
A touch, a kiss and sweet love making
And all the feelings that come with it


If love is selfless why hold back
I chose not to love, it chose me
I tried to fight it but to no avail
I tried to hide it but it glowed like a flame
Finally I gave up and let it take me
I am in love so sue me


If love is of God, how can it be wrong
Love is not a crime
For it demands not a dine
Love may have flaws
But love can break laws
And for this, love is a crime


Nina Fabunmi