Independent Investigation Demanded For Nigerian Killed By Phoenix Police

Attorney Sabinus Megwa (center) with Ngozi Mbegbu, the widow of Balantine Mbegbu. 

(PHOENIX, ARIZONA) -- A neighbor had dialed 911 to report disturbances at the Mbegbus residence on Thursday, October 6, 2014. According to the Phoenix New Times, upon arrival of the police and attempts to calm Balantine Mbegbu down, a "belligerent and confrontational" Mbegbu assaulted one of the officers and kicked one on the groin, noted the police statement, from around which Mbegbu was shot with a taser gun and handcuffed by the officer. As it happened, from the Phoenix Police Department report, Mbegbu was rushed to the hospital by paramedics where the 63-year old was pronounced dead. In a related story, Sabinus Megwa, attorney for Mbegbu's wife gave a different account from what Mbegbu's wife and sister-in-law had told him, saying there was no fight at the Mbegbus' home, and there was no need for police presence. Meanwhile, Megwa, representing the Mbegbus and protesters stormed the Phoenix City Hall Thursday, October 16, 2014 with calls for an independent investigation into the case. Image: Mathew Hendley/PNT