Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Kansas Woman Tied To Nigeria Internet Scam Arrested

A tip from a confidential source has helped police arrest a woman involved with internet scams tied to Nigeria.
Lt. Jim Norton with the Salina Police Special Enforcement Bureau said Wednesday, that police received a tip October 17th about someone in Salina involved in internet scams involving the purchase of items off of Craigslist.
Norton said 51-year-old Simone Wortham may have been involved in the scams for the last two years. She was arrested Tuesday after a search of her apartment at 619 S. Santa Fe turned up evidence of the internet fraud, with the recovery of more than $50,000 in bogus money orders made out for the amount of $975.
Investigators have been able to contact 6 of 8 victims of Wortham who were sent the money orders between July 20th and August 14th of this year that were to pay for purchases around $100. They then received a call from Wortham sounding panicked ,and asking them to send money by Western Union for the difference as soon as possible.
Norton said Wortham became involved with the scam through the internet, and that the scams are tied to Nigeria.
Norton said he wants the public to be aware that anytime they sell products on the internet and they receive a money order for an amount that is much higher than the sale price, to either wait 48 to 72 hours to make sure the order clears the bank, or send it back and ask for a money order for the correct amount.
Wortham was booked into the Saline County Jail on requested charges including felony theft, forgery, and making a false writing. The amount of money lost by the victims is $5,425. All of the victims live outside of Kansas.
Norton did not expect any further arrest in Salina, but information is being passed on to the Secret Service and F.B.I. for further investigation.
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