Friday, March 01, 2013

Nigerian Navy Fire At Innocent Nigerians In Abuja

Once again the Nigerian military turned its gun on innocent Nigerians when heavily armed men of the Nigerian Navy and Civil Defence, stormed Berger Round about firing sporadically at innocent Nigerians.

Only yesterday, the Nigerian army had to issue a statement denying that its men killed four protesting students of the Nasarawa state university.

The military personnel who stormed the popular Berger junction at about 5 pm came in four Hilux truck, rounding up individuals.

Trouble started when the navy personnel began using the butt of their guns to head of an onlooker spotting a white kaftan, for using his cell phone.

The other onlookers who were at the junction to board buses to their homes started shouting “he is not a thieve” and immediately, the navy personnel began to chase the shooting at them.

A said, “this is not a democratic government. How can the navy shoot at innocent Nigerians. This is criminal. We cannot continue to pretend we are in a civil rule when such impunity continue to reign”

Another Nigerian said, “I had just alighted from a taxi, when I started hearing gun shots. Immediately I saw some heavily armed military personnel running toward me, shooting sporadically. Atleast I head more than 30 gun shots. This is not right”

Mrs Chizoba who fell and hurt her angle said the action of the navy personnel is unacceptable.

-------Michael Paul, Daily Times
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