Monday, March 25, 2013

Court Orders Arrest Of George Mpombo

By Nse Udoh

Magistrate's CourtLusaka chief resident magistrate Joshua Banda has today issued an arrest warrant against recently recalled Zambian High Commissioner to Nigeria George Mpombo.

This follows Mpombo’s absence at court in a matter where he is facing charges of theft by public servant and forgery.

The former Defence minister in the MMD government is accused of uttering false document amounting to Kr18, 000 (K18 million).

When the matter came up this morning, Mpombo could not take his defence as he was absent.
Magistrate Banda said it was not the first time that Mpombo had absconded his court hearing and went ahead to issue an arrest warrant against Mpombo to be returned on April 8.

Recently, government recalled Mpombo from the Nigerian mission without stating clear reasons.
Foreign affairs permanent secretary Margaret Miyoba said government was recalling Mpombo as part of the realignment of Zambia’s missions abroad.

----------Zambia Reports
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