Monday, March 25, 2013

As he receives alumni… Obansanjo wished he failed military exams for FBC

ObasangoFormer President of Nigeria, General Olusegun Obasanjo, over the weekend was conferred an honorary alumnus status by Fourah Bay College (FBC), when he said, “I had wished I failed the military exams, to be in this college but providence and fortune decided otherwise.”

The former President said though he is not qualified for the status, he however appreciates the honour they have bestowed on him and that he is going to make the alumni responsible, active in the work, progress and development of the College.

Obasanjo said that education should not only be for gaining papers or as meal tickets but rather education that should earn them jobs after graduation.

Citing examples of universities in Nigeria, that are now offering agribusiness rather than agriculture.
He said education is known as the antidote of poverty and the key to human development and the transformation of man and woman of any country.

He added that the core values of education include self- reliance, diligence, and respect for the rule of law and honesty.

FBC, he said has produced men with integrity and honesty when things are difficult.
He said education should be a creator of jobs and therefore people should be educated not for the cetificates but education for their betterment and self-reliant. Education should create a conducive atmosphere for investment in all spheres.

Speaking about the request made by the College for a roof over the AjaiCrowther Amphitheatre, which was named after the first students of the college who was from Nigeria and also for the rehabilitation of the College Guest House, the former President said, they will substantially prepare for it.

The Pro-Chancellor Canon Modupe Taylor-Pearce explained three values of the College, which are building a new Athens of Africa, building a vibrant and robust alumni, as a strong and progressive arm of the University and a practical sing the song of the FBC : Non Sibi sed aliis- not for others but for self.

The first area of building a new Athens of Africa, he said, the College over the years have produced men and women who have demonstrated the supreme capabilities of Africans. The new vision “is to create a new Athens of Africa to cover all Africa, not only West Africa.

On the second point, which is building a vibrant Alumni, Canon Taylor-Pearce said the Alumni together with the cooperation of others, so that the association will become a vital arm of the College.
He therefore suggested that the Alumni, group themselves and to continually have periodic meetings to exchange ideas.

The motto ‘not for self but for others’, the Pro-Chancellor stated, that “this means that our learning here should be to benefit others and that we should not selfishly be concerned with ourselves but use the resources we have gained at FBC to develop others.”

The Vice Chancellor and Principal of the USL, Jonas Redwood-Sawyerr said this day will be remembered in the records of the College, as the awardee will be placed among other alumni from Nigeria such as Isreal Ransome-Kuti, and Kenneth Onwuka Dike.\

He said they are confident that the passion and interest the former President has shown to the College “will long continue and that our partnership will lead to further transformation in scholarship and development. .”

By Betty Milton/Awoko, Monday, March 25, 2013
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