AHIA MGBEDE: Stephen Keshi, A Hurdle To Clear

By Ambrose Ehirim

In February 2013 which is exactly 16 months ago, Stephen Keshi was a national hero and an African icon having head-coached the Super Eagles to victory at the Nations' Cup in South Africa. He came from behind on the scorecards with an uncertain fate and eventually changed his flawed strategy and, took the last laugh on which his boys, the Super Eagles, came out celebrating a trophy no Nigerian ever thought was possible. Vibes from the "negative press" had written him off and a die hard football fanatics, the raged but flamboyant supporters had been demoralized and hopeless, as a result, until Super Eagles lifted the trophy.
Turning out to a point Keshi and his boys would be mobbed upon return, a loser, from the tournament, his efforts and change of strategy alongside a very good luck that came on his side, the Super Eagles pulled it out lighting up the spirit of the nation that was once down. There was no mourning. The Super Eagles won.
I had joined the bandwagon to talk down on Keshi and his boys, neverminding applauding my boy, the magnificent Emmanuel Emenike, I had awarded an asterisk branding him a spoiled brat due to the way he celebrated his goals, which I thought he overemphasized. Nigerian mobs came after me for calling Emenike and his colleagues "Spoiled Brats." It was just my heartbeat. It's the nature of the sport and nothing, absolutely nothing, buys that. the ladies, for sure, knows that, too.
The Super Eagles victory at the 2013 Nations' Cup brought along with it, all sorts of fanfare---joyous festivities and merry making---a free sex festival and all that you can handle. I missed it. Cash was pouring in from every corner. Gifts were overwhelmingly given. Structures were named after them. Keshi, in particular, stood the test of the moment. He smoked all the way to the bank and, even by the time the Globacom Chairman, Mike Adenuga, knew it, he had already lavished Keshi with fleet of cars and millions in any currency.
Here we go again. Keshi, about to be lynched from a game his country folks thinks he's to blame, the speculations now is that Keshi had already planned his relocation and not nearing his home country knowing the consequences of throwing the country into serious mourning after a devastating FIFA World Cup performances. In fact, the speculation is alleging Keshi is coming out here, the City of Angels, to hang with us and save himself from a "wild, wild," unforgiving Nigerian Football fanatics. Godwin Odiye knows better and we all bear witness.
In tomorrow's game against one of the Balkan states, the Bosnian-Herzegovinaians, Nigerians must come out and throw support...lift up the spirits of these youngsters for a must win. The Super Eagles will win and, it's our call; we the people!
The Super Eagles must attack
like its cousin, the Hawk
The Super Eagles must fly
over the mountains and over the seas
Like its buddy, the Dove
Like the Dove, they must show
compassion, love and oneness
The Super Eagles must win...
For a guy who helped lift the trophy as a player in 1994, playing from the bottom of his heart; coached his national team to victory during the 2013 African Nation's Cup Finals and represented his country very well at the 1994 FIFA World Cup in the United States, he deserves no mob lynching but courage!