Fascinating Igbo Blogs on the Web

"They are all over the web doing stuff telling people their stories; writing about life events; lecturing their readers on literature, philosophy and society; providing marketing strategies on how to succeed in business; writing about their love affair and the ideal man of their dream; analyzing music to a pace unimaginable; teaching on business solutions; reviewing books; talking about the battle wounds and the pogrom; communicating and exchanging ideas; and a profound biography about Nd'Igbo, among others too numerous to mention."

"Here you go again. What's wrong with you, man!?"

"Nothing is wrong with me. I'm just excited about my people."

"Who are your people?"

"My people are my kith and kin that have shown they can do stuff and mean whatever they say."

"What the hell is that?"

"You see, you just don't get it, do you?"

"I sure don't get it. What in heavens places are you talking about?"

"Nothing, but hold on, what's your problem?"

"I don't have a problem. You the one that have issues because you seem to be losing it."

"Losing what?"

"I mean, come on, you are not making sense at all about your ramblings. 'Writing about their love affair and the ideal man of their dream,' what the hell is that?"

"Well, I found out you are nosy and would like to know the goings on. Did I ever tell you about how unique the Igbo people are?"

"No, I don't remember."

"You see, when I say you have a shallow brain, you think I'm talking down on you."

"I know who you are. Your whole thing is to break the country up because you think Igbos are the master race."

"Now, you are quoting Obafemi Awolowo, who, feeling threatened with Igbo pragmatism thought Igbos were the 'master race' during the so-called constitutional conferences of a fabricated state."

"Look, man, I'm not gonna go there with you. Don't even go there, Okay?"

"You are just nuts."

"Maybe, I'm nuts because I am not singing about the Obi of trumpet and Ajoa."

"You see why I called you a knucklehead? How did the legendary trumpeter pop up here, in our conversation?"

"Because he is Okoro like you, and Okoros are known to be mean-spirited people. We call them ajaokuta ma momi."

"You see, that's the problem with you imbeciles, bigots and Igbo haters. When you can't handle the Igbos you start calling them names. What's up with that?"

"Quit man! I thought you brought me out here over some coffee and storytelling. What's the gist?"

"Okay, I gotcha. I am talking about Igbo people and the kind of fascinating stuff they are doing on the web. Some good, good stuff, you know..."

"And what's that?"

"I'm impressed. Finally, you succumbed to knowing what Igbo people are up to and all I can tell you is pay attention and listen carefully. Are you ready?"

"Yes, I am ready."

"Here you go, and this is my story":

For some reason, every now and then while checking out the goings on in cyberspace, interesting Igbo blogs pops up and before you think you are just passing through, you get stuck with what the blog has to offer. It happens to me all the time and it is becoming a habit to figure out what these blogs are up to. I have gone through a whole lot of them, and to be honest, I am really impressed.

About seven or so years ago when I began to blog at Biafra-Nigeria-World and Igbonet until the black hats, the robots catapulted from far away China disrupted the drives of BNW News' blog continent and other weak servers on the web, not many Igbo bloggers had emerged. And this happened when the Igbo haters at Egbe Omo Oduduwa, the Nigerian world website run by North Carolina-based Chuck Odili had savagedly axed my colleagues and I for the fact that we mentioned Biafra in our write-ups. That hatred toward Nd'Igbo led to the origin of Biafranigeriaworld, Igbonet and other Igbo-related websites. And the appearance of the messageboard changed all that. That, it can be done.

But now it is pleasing to know my Igbo folks are doing stuff as bloggers, and they are sending the messages across.

First, it is amazing what my boy, Uchenna, is doing with his Comb & Razor Blog. He has digested every part of back in the day pop music from the 60s through the 80s, the whole stuff is now baked in his genes. It is worthy of mention his digging of every damn thing about the 70s songs including my favorites of that era, while growing up.

Somehow, I wonder how he does it. His list of analysis includes Wings (the one led by Jonathan "Spud Nathan" Udensi), Action 13, Wrinkars Experience, Sonny Okosun, Oby Onyioha, Danie Ian, Ofege, Theodora Ifudu, Nelly Uchendu, Bongos Ikwu, Godwin Ironbar, Ubo Jazz Band of Africa, Benji Igbadumeh and His Okeke Sounds International, Harry 'Mosco' Agada, Jake Solo, Funkees, Joni Haastrup and Monomono, Segun Bucknor, Ofo the Rock Company, William Onyeabor and the list goes on and on. His superbly written piece on Danie Ian got me "crawling," I mean crawling because it was indeed well-done.

Enter my home girl, North Carolina-bred Adaure Achumba whose The World According To Adaure is also intriguing and full of life. Now based in Lagos, she blogs about the happenings in her neck of the woods in Eko, and she has pretty good followings. She's been blogging since June 2005 and the stuff in there is the stuff of life which captures her readers from her style of writing -- clear and concise.

So, too, is this lady who should be writing scripts for the silver screen (maybe she does, I dunno) because she really got it together in her compelling fictionalized stories. I am talking about Essex, Maryland-based Vera Ezimora, the Verastic lady who got her readers glued for her brilliant masterpieces. I love to read her notes. They are quite entertaining. But methink sometimes her stories are based on her life experience, I mean, probably with some dude.

And somewhere in London, my home boy out there has taken his stuff to another level. Who knows? The next Amazon will be popping up soon and Britain's one and only online hip-hop company is just about to do that. 2GEES, the hip-hop company which has gone deeply into selling any product is run by Daniel Ezihe. He's been working so hard he's optimistic 2GEES will eventually be a brand name starting from the streets of London and all across the world. A blog of note is on the website, and has blogging ever been made easier? You bet!

Also, there is this New York-based enterpreneur called Emeka Okafor. He is the director of the award winning TED Global. He runs Timbuktu Chronicles which takes one to another level of discovery and other environmental matters. Technology is at its highest level here and Okafor would go to any length to bring it to you. He is on a mission and the innovation is just amazing.

Celebrating Nd'Igbo got me on my feet as I kept wondering how these beautiful Igbo minds work. A one of its kind biography blog of Nd'Igbo from all walks of life. Names I have never heard of popped up. How he does it, I don't know, and I surely have to give it to him for it has to deal with a whole lot of research. C. Ezeh, the nwanna that runs Celebrating ND'Igbo has done something entirely different and is doing a wonderful job a magazine on Igbo biography should be on the news racks and I'm quite sure he's giving a thought to it, or someone should be doing something about it, for the job he's done there is enormous.

On Professor Chielozona Eze, who teaches African and world literatures at North Esatern Illinois University, his Chielozona offers literature, philosophy and society. And on the literary circle, there is the Okri Blog run by Okri C. Okri which publishes literary work independently. In case you have plans to publish in future, check him out for a good deal and tell him that I sent you.

Lagos-based model Linda Ikeji is amazing, too, and she knows her stuff very well. With her smooth image, she has digested every part of the media on fashion, travel, publishing and environmental journalism. She's so proud to tell the world about her multi-talents and promises to reveal more whenever she remembers. She is a blogger and that's the part that I like. And this is Linda Ikeji.

Another interesting blogger is Dawn Okro who is studying law at Texas Southern University in Houston. She seems to be accomplished and has been blogging since 2006. She is a painter, an activist and all that. Bella Naija is another heavyweight in the Igbo blogosphere. It is run by Uche Eze. She, too, has a significant amount of following. Her website has transcended her blog, meaning progress is being made and perhaps she now hears the distance tapping of fingers in JP Morgan Chase.

Have you heard of "The Long Harmattan Season"? If you haven't, it is a book written by London-based liberal journalist, Uche Nworah, and he created a blog to promote his book, as a result. When you have time check it out and learn more because I can feel it; your brain is getting rusty. There is another one too run by an architect, Ugo Okafor, and co-edited by Chika Okafor and it's about women on planet Earth. It's called Spectrum Women and I know you will jump in there as soon as we vacate this coffee house. Your life cannot hang without women, and that's why.

Elsewhere on cyberspace, you will see one Jude Dibia whose blog is specifically on new 'writings, reflections and reviews.' His blog is doing well catching up with the old guards. At the same time there is New York-based fashion consultant by the name of Adanna Gbulie whose new blog is about Igbo enterprise and culture. I think she is on a good footing trying to figure out a whole bunch of stuff at one time. How she's gonna do it I dunno. That's tough.

Gosh! I almost forgot the one run by my childhood buddy, Teddy. It has all the videos you would love to see and there are many other activities on that site. You can create your own blog right in there and write your own reviews on a movie you watched. It is called Nigeria Home Videos. It's got lots of lots of goodies. Seeing is believing. Youtube will soon be a midget campared to what my buddy, Teddy, is doing out there.

Before I end this session, do not forget to check out the glamorous world of Chinwe Enemchukwu's Victorious Living, Ndi Uwa Oma blog. Maybe, it will lead you to what you are looking for. It's time to go!

"Thank you so much Ambrose. I have learned a lot and have seen what Igbo people are up to. They are a great people. And Ambrose, you, too, a rare gem. Once again, thank you very plenty!"

"It's my pleasure, my boy, and have a great week!"


Ardis said…
I lke the dialogue. Excellent.
Brandon said…
Bringing together Igbo blogs along with the dialogue, mythmaking, soulsearching, and the politics of narrative and storytelling have inspired me anew with the fascination of Igbo people.
Anonymous said…
Another beautiful piece of work. That Vera woman is something else.
Jared said…
The combination of a student and a teacher makes this piece original. Both skills are telling.
Stanley said…
Any good reader who goes through the links will eventually see a people in context differently.
Su Papra said…
This is literatrure, drama, dialogue and storytelling.
Adanna said…

I just stumbled into Vera's site from the link. That girl is good. She writes fiction.
How about a video shot of this post for a line in a movie or music video?
Kenny said…
Ambrose, apparently no mention of tweeting. What happened?
Ambrose Ehirim said…



I thought about it and had to do it. It's too many of them out there. I will be taking on more lists shortly. Fact is, some don't know the magnitude of what they've done, so far.

Jared, Stanley, Su...thanks, it's all good.


A video shoot? You must be kidding me.


I think I need the sabbatical.
Ebere said…
Ambrose my brother you can really dig. Kudos.
Denise said…
Hilarious and very entertaining. Checking out some of the links...looks pretty good.
Rosco said…
Just cool and I keep following.
Anonymous said…
All links pretty good and brilliant stuff.
Jenny said…
What an incredibly beautiful piece of work.
Harold said…
Hey man why don't you start writing a book. The resource you have here is enough for a good read in a book.
Amassi said…
you know what would be awesome, if we could just think of what we can do, like that african dude from the jungle, yeah that would be cool, like you are in a war fantasy and in gun parade, that would suck but the whole idea would be pretty cool though, i hope this story get popular for the sole reason of people seeing this comment and saying shit i wish icould do this.
Doncas said…

What seems to be going wrong with your write-ups is that while many of us pray for peaceful coexistence and solutions to our country's troubles you are down doing all you can to tear it apart. The only way we can thrive as a nation is to make peace.
Anonymous said…
I find it hard to fathom you. You are a hawk and you enjoy being one.
Mike Arhewe said…
Your behavior portrays Igbos are the smartest people. You need to change that attitude. We are all Nigerians...
Ambrose said…

What's up?


Is it really? Thanks and glad you enjoyed it.

Jenny and Rosco,

Thank you.


What's going on and what are you yanning about?


It is only the truth that can set your nation free. Other than that, the nation is living on borrowed time. By the way, this post has nothing to do with whatever your angst is about a fabricated state.

Mr. Anonym,

I'm not a hawk. If I were to be a hawk like you assume, by now it would have been a different story.


Go figure!
Rosa said…
This Ambrose is a trouble maker.
Taiana said…

You are truly brilliant. Don't listen to all your critics have to say and don't let that stop you from doing what you do best.
Brandon said…
I don't see anything wrong with what the author wrote here and what some of you are complaining about.
Anonymous said…
I think some of them are in love with the writer's sustained accuracy in his writings but they just would not admit it.
Gbogborogbo said…
Lighten up fellas...life is too short.
Gbogborogbo said…
Lighten up fellas...life is too short.
Coolie Monk said…
You hit the nail on the head. Great blog with some unbelievable postings.
ObiM said…
Uche Eze of Bella Naija is a SHE!!!
ObiM said…
Uche Eze of Bella Naija is a SHE!!!
Ambrose Ehirim said…

I thought Bella Naija was a he. My mistake and thanks for the correction.
Big G said…
Waaaasssssuuuuup LA? You guys rock!
Anonymous said…
I've always liked it here. Great blog and all the best.
. said…
Ambrose, Thanks for the mention - http://igbopeople.blogspot.com. An excellent post as always. Thanks Bros
Anonymous said…
This is just brilliant and delightful.
Anonymous said…
Absolutely hilarious
Anonymous said…
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