Newsroom Update

Indicted Representative William Jefferson of Louisiana Loses Seat in House Runoff Election

The investigation of Jefferson began in 2005 when Jefferson was videotaped by the FBI receiving cash in leather briefcases in Virginia for a deal in Ghana that he wanted a financial stake in. The money was to be split with the Nigerian Vice President to insure that their contracts would go forward. READ MORE>>>

Nigeria opposition doubts Yar'Adua's electoral reform

Lagos, Nigeria - Angered by the recent praises heaped on the embattled Nigeria's electoral boss Maurice Iwu by Vice President Goodluck Jonathan, the country's opposition has expressed doubts that the government is serious about its much touted electoral reform. READ MORE>>>

Jailed: The prayer group fraudster who swindled worshipers out of tens of thousands of pounds

A pensioner who used 'prayer sessions' to help defraud a church minister and a worshipper out of tens of thousands of pounds, has been jailed for 18 months.
Serial fraudster Richard Abeson, currently wanted by Belgian police for a similar con, claimed he was a wealthy Nigerian oil trader READ MORE>>>

From Refugee to State Rep

Of all the people running for state Representative this year, Richard Komi was probably the only one who listed "refugee camp survivor" on his campaign literature. Before arriving in Manchester, he spent over three years in a camp in Benin after fleeing his native Nigeria. READ MORE>>>

IT helps spread African democracy

Technology’s capacity to further electoral democracy in Africa first grabbed attention in 2000. Mobile phone coverage had spread across Senegal, allowing reporters to phone in results before they were announced officially, and independent radio stations were flourishing. READ MORE>>>

Asia's age-old battle with the pirates

The recent seizure of a giant oil tanker off Somalia may be one of the most audacious attacks by pirates, but for people here in South East Asia, it's an old and familiar story. READ MORE>>>

Early Ghana presidential election results show tight race

ACCRA - Early results on Monday from Ghana’s presidential vote, widely seen as a test of Africa’s ability to conduct a democratic election, signalled a tight race that may require a run-off. READ MORE>>>