40 Million People In Modern Slavery, Immigrants Returning It To The U.S.

Image via CNN

The anti-American race hustlers who are tearing down Confederate statues in revenge for slavery have some work to do elsewhere.

In Africa.

For if the data Reuters published Wednesday on modern slavery there is correct, more than nine million Africans are now held in bondage somewhere on the Dark Continent.

Millions more are held in bondage in Asia and elsewhere across the globe, and sadly, slavery is returning to America thanks to immigration.

40.3M Slaves

The Reuters report, based on data published in 2017, details the story of two such slaves, one of them an unfortunate girl named Blessing. Her mother gave her to a family to help with chores on the promise that they would raise her and send her to high school, but intsead, the family turned her into free labor.

Blessing was only six years old when her mother arranged for her to become an unpaid housemaid for a family in the Nigerian city of Abuja, on the promise they would put her through school.

In her home town in southwest Nigeria, her mother had trouble making enough money to feed her three children. But when Blessing arrived in Abuja, instead of going to school, the family worked her round-the-clock, beat her with an electrical wire if she forgot one of her chores, and fed her rotten leftovers.

When her mother later moved to the city to be closer to her daughter, Blessing was unable to be alone with her when she came to visit.

“They would tell me that my mother was coming, that I should not tell her what was happening to me, that I should not even say anything,” she says of the family.

That story, and some even worse, apply to the 40.3 million people, according to the Walk Free Foundation, who were slaves in 2016.

Of those victims, the foundation reported, 24.9 million people were in forced labor, while 15.4 million people were in a forced marriage. “That is, they were enduring a situation that involved having lost their sexual autonomy and often involved providing labour under the guise of ‘marriage.’”

Unsurprisingly, “women and girls are disproportionately affected” and account for 28.7 million, or 71 percent, of the world’s slaves, the foundation reported. “More precisely, women and girls represent 99 per cent of victims of forced labour in the commercial sex industry and 58 per cent in other sectors, 40 percent of victims of forced labour,” which is, again, unsurprising.

As well, 25 percent of modern slaves are children; 5.7 million of those in forced marriages were children.

In the five years preceding the report, “89 million people experienced some form of modern slavery for periods of time ranging from a few days to the whole five years.”

Open Borders Bring Slavery Back to America
As for geography, slavery is proportionately most prevalent in Africa, at 7.6 per 1,000 people. If that rate is accurate, then some 9.24 million people in Africa, based on a population of 1.216 billion, were slaves. In Asia and the Pacific, at 6.1 per 1,000, the figure would be 27.2 million, based on a population of 4.463 billion.

The figures for forced labor are four of every 1,000 people in Asia, or 17.9 million, 2.8 of every 1,000 in Africa, or 3.4 million. The rate of forced labor in Europe and Central Asia exceeds that of Africa: 3.6 per 1,000, or 2.93 million, based on a population of 813.4 million.

As for the United States, thanks to open borders, slavery is returning as immigrants from the Third World ply the sex-trafficking trade or keep slaves in their homes. Often, slaves come in with wealthy immigrant families.

A “New Jersey” woman, for instance, was convicted in early May of bringing a Sri Lankan woman into the country under false pretenses in 2009 and turning her into a slave.

Alia Imad Faleh Al Hunaity, an immigrant from Jordan, “took advantage of the victim for years, forcing her to live in terrible conditions, work without pay, and then enter into a fraudulent marriage to continue the cycle of abuse,” the federal prosecutor said.

Hunaity was helped by the liberalization of marriage, by the way. She forced her slave, who worked for Hunaity’s family in Jordan, to “marry” her.

In 2017, the now-deceased journalist Alex Tizon revealed in The Atlantic that the woman who worked for his family and helped raise him was a slave. Tizon’s immigrant parents brought her in from the Philippines.

In 2015, columnist Michelle Malkin devoted a report to the Arab thugs who brought slaves to the United States.

Other immigrants turn slaves into prostitutes, as did a Honduran illegal alien convicted for just such a crime in 2014.