Friday, March 08, 2013

APGA Schedules Convention For April

The faction led by Maxi Okwu interim chairmanship of APGA has announced its scheduled convention for April in a meeting of the party held in Enugu on Friday, March 8, 2013, according to reports by the Premium Times. 
According to Okwu, “the state congress will be held in the middle of April here in Enugu State where APGA began in July 2001. We will launch a new APGA that will win Enugu State and the entire Igbo land. We will kick off with ...the ward congresses nationwide on March 30, then local government congresses a week later and then state congresses. The national convention will take place in April here in Enugu."

Okwu was appointed APGA's interim chairman after an Enugu court ruling sacked Victor Umeh who appealed the rulling and insists he's still the party's chairman. Meanwhile, Okwu said his mandate as interim chairman was to put the party's act together.

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