Sunday, February 17, 2013

Protesters March In London Against Imperialist Wars

Demonstrator's at the Stop the War Coalition protest holding banner's which read No more imperialist wars February 15, 2013... -- Ten years after two million people marched in London against the invasion of Iraq, a protest organized by Stop the War Coalition opposite 10 Downing Street called for Western troops out of Mali and to cease Western intervention in Syria. Image: Ruth Whitworth.

A woman with placard of Syrian's President Bashar al-Assad and poster saying "Respect Syria's National Sovereignty" at the "Stop The War Protest" in Downing Street against intervention in Mali and Syria. On the 10th anniversary of the march by 2 million against the Iraq War, Stop The War organized a small protest at Downing Street calling for a stop to Western intervention in Mali and Syria and against possible attack on Iran. Image: Peter Marshall/Demotix.
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