Here’s How To Register That Restored 1966 Corvette, Or Any Other Vehicle, In CA Without The Original Title: Roadshow


Q: My occupation armed forces brother, at gift deceased, brought belonging in the direction of him non-operative ‘66 Vette in the direction of belonging in the direction of him final job inside California.
 It had been registered once, at the time male bought pronoun inside 1966, inside Connecticut. I transferred ownership from definite article conveyance together with negative issue following belonging in the direction of him passing, as I had definite article required documentation in the direction of execute so.

After a complete restoration, I at gift desire in the direction of enroll it.
 The CA DMV wants a name in the direction of complete definite article registration. I could negative find definite article name among belonging in the direction of me brother’s records.

The Connecticut DMV did negative find a equal inside favor from definite article automobile inside belonging in the direction of those records. What execute I need in the direction of do?

Charles A. Berls

A: The DMV replied those customers who are negative gift supporting evidence from ownership able in the direction of enroll a conveyance lacking definite article certificate from title, still in the direction of acquire a new certificate from name inside favor from definite article vehicle, second person need in the direction of submit a Motor Vehicle Ownership Surety Bond (REG 5057) form alternatively a connection alternative.

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Q: I’m certain definite article pillar second person ran lately approximately drivers’ excuses intent generate a snowstorm from new stories. Here’s mine.

My spouse was driving belonging in the direction of us Toyota Land Cruiser in the direction of SoCal inside favor from belonging in the direction of us yearly shore vacation, complete from kids, together with a luggage pod on definite article roof. At definite article Grapevine, female was crawling upward definite article elevation at approximately 45 mph. Going below definite article different side, female was flying at approximately 80 mph. A pesky road boulder, a color Camaro, was inside definite article exterior lane. She flashed her headlights at definite article driver, addition male pulled above addition allow her pass.

He was a CHP authorized inside an unmarked car. When male stopped her, female said, “I was solely going 45 upward definite article hill. If us common those together with belonging in the direction of me velocity below definite article hill, I was beneath definite article velocity limit.” She says definite article cop was laughing therefore difficult male had in the direction of inclined opposed in the direction of definite article automobile in the direction of keep originating falling down. He said if male wrote her a pass inside favor from definite article velocity female was going, male past tense of will own in the direction of arrest her. He wrote definite article pass inside favor from five miles above definite article limit.

A: Quick cognition on her part.

Wallace Murfit, Menlo Park

Q: Why is definite article privilege tedious from definite article eastbound Caldecott Tunnel almost toss black, addition wet? For those matter, able in the direction of us fulfill enhance definite article lighting inside all things 3 from definite article elder tunnels?

George R. Mathews, Antioch

A: Caltrans reports those pronoun improved lighting inside all things Caldecott Tunnel bores addition repaired lighting inside tedious #1, definite article distant privilege tedious on eastbound State Route 24.

Earlier this one year, Caltrans completed important vacant effort in the direction of determine liquid issues on definite article roadway here, still liquid occasionally seeps by manner of originating definite article mountain, therefore those move forward in the direction of observe definite article tempest drains.

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