The Era Of Divide And Rule In Nigeria Is History -By J. Ezike

J. Ezike image via Opinion Nigeria

MARCH 3, 2019

Silence is never the way to visit a long-standing Tyranny marriage by Greed. And it is true that on the Table of Politics, the Black Man has never been served the right “plate of fairness” that will earn him the justice he appears to lack on his daily diet which consequently denies him the dignity of existence, prolongs his conversation with the degradation that greets his racial identity with contempt and starves him of the universal rights appropriated to all “stakeholders” within the context of international cooperation, peace and security.

It is my individual conviction that growing up in Black Africa or being a Black African is not an hindrance to intellectualism and superior-reasoning. The word “supremacy” cannot be measured by race, culture, language and other indices of human development, especially when a section of humanity is politically undermined to further the “vainglorious gloating” of another section of humanity.

One thing we all can agree upon is the readiness of the British government to experiment, to explore, to discover and to dominate. Thus, this essay is an open challenge thrown at the British government and its proximate political and ideological affiliates. If (they) think the Black Man lacks the capacity of logic, of innovation, of creative ingenuity, of mastery over science and technology then, we, the Young Biafran Revolutionaries dare them as men to take their hooks off the “Contraption of Interest” coined Nigeria and release Biafra from the colonial chains that has kept it in abject confinement and reduced the Black Man to an object of disrepute. Let us see with the “curiosity of experimentation” if indeed the Black Man is what the world degrades, demeans and devalues him to be. Let us settle the long-standing argument on about the Black Man’s “inferior positioning” in the universal scheme of things. But if the British government opts to ignore this challenge, to avoid this opportunity to experiment, to explore, to discover and to consolidate their self-acclaimed dominion, then, they are nothing but ”COWARDS” – they are but men driven by a delusion of intellectual primacy and technological supremacy.

It is an established fact that the Igbo (Biafrans) are the most technologically advanced Black People on earth. We have demonstrated our ingenuity in all criteria of human development. There is absolutely nothing the White Man has achieved today that the Biafran Man cannot achieve. We are equipped with the modern mindset, with the creative instincts to compete on global stage and contribute to the collective progress of humanity. And we can prove it in the Sovereign State of Biafra.

The Young Biafran Revolutionaries acting under various coordinated mass movements (the LNC, the IPOB, the IYC and the MASSOB) and through intellectual force and freedom-conscious rebellion are ready to dethrone the stereotypical acclamations and disparaging portrayals aimed at the Black Man whose ingenuity is blighted, undermined and marred by the dangerous gospel of hate, the slavish positioning of his image and the general disdain for the continent of Africa.

In a conclusion that was all too familiar to Biafrans, the British government led by Theresa May endorsed the Nigerian elections of 2019 as “free and fair”, in spite of the cold and anti-democratic attitude of the incumbent regime, the violence that shattered the illusion of democracy and the high-profile interferences by the military at designated polling stations across the country. And yet Theresa May and her stooges did not take notice of the irregularities that bedeviled their so-called “free and fair” election – an exercise that suffered from a great defect of credibility. We cannot forget the mindless butchering of over 40 voters in Abonnema – men and women struck by the cruel lightning of the Caliphate-slavocratic agents and their hegemonic sponsors from oceans away. We cannot forget the Rivers of Blood that flooded the civilian streets of Rivers State (Biafra) and the corpses of the guiltless that littered the election venues. We cannot forget the reinforced xenophobic attacks on the Igbo people domiciled in Lagos and the Yoruba people who took pride in the electoral heisting of votes in favor of PDP and their blatant, provocative anti-Igbo sentiments that were reflective of Nazi’s racism and Hitler’s disorder. We cannot forget the many moral abuse, loss of human lives and properties that resulted from the political undermining of people’s convictions and the gang-raping of democracy itself.

And while the swatted, dehumanized and bamboozled “One Nigerianists” “PVC holders” and “Atikulators” are stilling licking on their wounds, heaving the sigh of regret and mourning their dead ones, the devourers in Abuja have smacked the war-heads of the uniformed terrorists and sent them trotting for another serial-massacre of civilians, another blood-fest bazaar codenamed: “Operation Show of Force” in Akwa-Ibom – in yet another region in the ancient land of Biafra.

Of course the notorious, morally-bankrupt and blood-sucking APC Caliphate government backed up by Theresa May’s administration has succeeded in surviving the wrath of the people’s conscience, in continuing with the championship of tyrannical dominion by military force. But the question is: will (they) survive the wrath of the people’s revolutionary anger?

I find it totally diabolical that Yemi Osibanjo, a so-called Man-of God, presiding over the affairs of a satanic space as Vice-President would endorse the Presidential elections that reeked of massive riggings and bloodshed as “free and fair.” If a pastor can see no evil in this evil largely due to the fear of death, of being eternally silenced by the Sokoto Caliphate and Britain then, the people of Nigeria are finished. They are as Fela aptly described, “zombies” controlled by dark esoteric powers.

Any Igbo, especially the infamous likes of Rochas Okorocha, Joe Igbokwe, Chris Ngige, Orji Uzor Kalu, still breathing hope for Nigeria in this callous season of fascistic grand-standing and still nursing the delusion of Presidency in 2023 and beyond, is by the virtue of that conviction the highest simpleton of the 21st century.

Finally, what made the 2019 Nigeria elections particularly aggravating was the connivance of foreign observers who were employed as neutral members but rather participated in the criminal thumb-printing of voter’s card and the inflation of election results. We have the video evidence both the publicized and the classified. Also, while the charade earned the support from world powers, it also strengthened the call to Biafra referendum and the unification of the Igbos and their tribal relatives in the riverine areas. Truly, the era of divide and rule in Nigeria is history.