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By Abdullahi Keni Saint-George

Don’t ever underestimate the power of the brain. And don’t ever underestimate the ingenious mix of the brain and mind, the resultant potion that gives birth to thought and intuitive cognizance, that paved the way to inventions. For example, the primor...dial invention of stone tools was coeval with the appearance of farming settlements. It was definitely from these crude settlements that communities evolved, fashioning their own languages, dialects, identities and idiosyncrasies.

From that modest stirring of the brain, we have ended up in a planet of ethnic nationalities, civilizations, languages and mind blowing inventions technologically, mind blowing religious inventions, about God, about Satan, Hell, Angels, Paradise, Heaven etc. But as stated earlier, all of the above are creations of the brain and the mind and are of no consequence, except the inventions, technologically speaking, that have at once ‘enhanced’ the living standard of life on planet Hell. And even those technological inventions, of course, paradoxically, gave us the killer, CLIMATE CHANGE, a trade off with INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION AND VAIN MODERNISM.

One of those inventions – RELIGIONISM, has now also become an albatross, a killer. As that eminent Nigerian Sage, Dan Masanin Kano, Alhaji Maitama Sule says … “RELIGION WITHOUT LOVE FOR THE OTHER, IS NOTHING”. Religion ultimately reminds me of the highest peak on Earth, Mount Everest, all of three miles up. With the supreme tenacity of man, he has scaled its peak, severally, from different sides or routes, by different nationalities and at different times. Quite a daunting feat, if you ask me. 

Metaphorically, that is, it means that if the very peak of Mount Everest were to be God, then ‘He’ could be accessed via different routes or Religions. Therefore, it makes non - sense of the silly notion that you can only attain ‘Heaven /God’ via only one religion or Prophet or that one particular route or Religion is superior to the others. Not so. And can never be so, unless viewed from the skewed PRISM of RELIGIOUS - CENTRISM – A MALADY, WARPED IN ITS CAVEMAN’S MENTALITY AND UNDERSTANDING. PURE SPIRITUAL ILLITERACY.

“ Every faith in the world is based on sheer fabrication-that is the definition of faith –acceptance of that which we imagine to be true; that which we cannot prove.

Every religion personalizes and describes God through metaphor, allegory, and exaggeration, from the early Egyptians through modern Sunday schools and Madrasas. Metaphors are a way to help our limited minds process the utterly unprocessible. The problem of course arises, when we begin to believe literally in our own firing a bullet at your shadow…. but there is nothing there in the first place.
Says Voltaire, the French Atheist and European philosopher….of course there is no God but man was determined to have a God… and so he created o”.

Although written, I am really conversing with you, the reader. I am trying to dialogue with you. Please do make an input so that the conversation does not descend into the ‘SOUND OF ONE HAND CLAPPING’. Let us converse about peace in Nigeria and the world. Let us talk about life, about human nature at its highest and lowest points. The conversation may be up to a point, about SOVEREIGN NATIONAL CONFERENCE and all that. And in the light of the recent murderous, religiously and politically directed and orchestrated hurricane that engulfed our defenseless, failing nation, SOVEREIGN NATIONAL CONFERENCE, as proposed by our Nobel Laureate, Wole Soyinka, Agbakoba (SAN), the late Sage, Gani Fawehinmi, Falana (SAN) and my humble self and others, is now a SINE QUA NON. How many heads will have to be decapitated before we wake up from this sorrowful, nightmarish, slumber and illusion of one NIGERIA nation? And if every four years we line out and smash up like the lemmings, in the name of democratic elections, then something has gone awry with that ingenious brain of man –black man. In between elections the blood still flows. Then, I am forced to assert that, short of the Sudan option, Autonomous Regions will have to be visited and soon.


Now let me clarify my position. Nigeria breaking up is not really an option, in terms of Muslim North and Christian South. But do you mean that a son of Anambra like me, will have to look for a visa to travel to Kano to see my father, Dan Masanin Kano? Never. But as the blood letting cannot go on forever, Autonomous Philosophy will have to be evolved and quickly. It will, of course, be based on the Ethos of the six geopolitical zones. Having done a research for my yet to be registered party… ACE … AFRICAN COALITION OF ENVIRONMENTALISTS, I took an opinion poll sample and arrived at these assumptions:

1. North East indigenes love the name: EL KANEMI OR GAZARGAMU Autonomous Region. ..(EAR OR GAR)

2. North West indigenes would prefer the names: DAN FODIO OR ZAMFARAWA Autonomous Region…(DAR or ZAR)

3.North Central would prefer the name: PLATEAU Autonomous Region…(PAR)

4. Southwest indigenes would prefer the name: ODUDUWA Autonomous Region… (OAR)

5. Southeast indigenes would prefer the name: BIAFRA Autonomous Region….(BAR)

6. South South indigenes would prefer ATLANTIC Autonomous Region….(AAR)
My own address, would be, Abdullahi Keni Saint – George, Okohia, Ihiala, Biafra Autonomous Region, BAR, Federal Republic of MAMBILA

Of course, this will mean a fantastic, peaceful, Revolution and as you cannot sell new wine in an old keg, it presupposes that that foreign, white man’s name: NIGERIA OR “NIGER – AREA” must be jettisoned. It has become leprous. Amazingly, 80% of respondents from across the zones would prefer “THE FEDERAL REPUBLIC OF MAMBILA … because it is African. She would have a Prime Minister and Six Deputies. Each AR will have its own House of Parliament, just like the United Kingdom. THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT (IN TRUTH) WOULD MIDWIFE FOREIGN POLICY AND THE DEFENCE OF THE REALM. 

For my country it is “EITHER/OR”. And it will take Mr. President the zeal of a Revolutionary. I bet you President Jonathan’s name will be written in gold and may even overtake those of our Founding Fathers. But there is just one snag: where in hell do you find the philosophers, the Aristotle’s, the Kierkegaard’s or Roman, Supremely, intelligent Senators during the Era of Socrates, TO PASS THE ABOVE INTO LAW? And if we don’t, we are doomed.

Democracy is a lie. Let us try another route – PANTISOCRACY: ‘A COMMUNITY FOUNDED WITH EQUAL RIGHTS’.

The Rihanu concept, therefore, is largely predicated on the elimination of the psychological inhibitors to harmonious, communal, LIVE–AND LET–LIVE, coexistence, that is necessary if our Nation is to prosper in peace. It is only an important factor in a holistic strategy.

These INHIBITORS are identified as the three negative centrisms, (3NC) viz., EGOCENTRISM, ETHNOCENTRISM and RELIGIOUS –CENTRISM

In Buddhism, the Ego has been identified as the main obstacle to Enlightenment. The Ego is literally the proud SELF. The portrayal of the SELF as superior in a communal setting, can only lead to tension and conflict as it recognizes others as inferior and inconsequential. To dissolve or neutralize the EGO is supreme Enlightenment – hence the Buddhist Maxim: “SELF CONQUEST IS VALOUR SUPREME”. Tools like applied intuitive intelligence, Yoga, meditation and psychology will be needed, in an educational setting, in the new progressive schools to come.


Ethnocentrism has been elevated globally and indeed has become an internationally, accepted phenomenon. In fact, you can say that the idea of nationalism has something to do with Ethnocentrism. Adolf Hitler and the Third Reich, portrayed it in Germany before and during the 2nd world war, leading to the gassing of 6 million Jews and Gypsies (European Fulanis) and Socialists. It was premised on the ethos, that the ARYAN Race (white race) is superior to all others particularly Blacks. We witnessed it in Apartheid (Nazism) of South Africa which was supported hook, line and sinker, by the very Western Countries that demolished Col. Muarma Gaddafi of Libya, my late friend.

We also witnessed ethno centricism in America, with the Ku Klux Klan or the white supremacists who will never recognize their Black President, Barack Obama. The vicious, violent, criticisms of our Son, President Obama, enroute to 2012 election, is pure rabid Racism. The Global Economy is collapsed. Republicans murdered the leading Economy in the world. There is a threat to “Materialism” and “Capitalism” and therefore for him to create jobs, the Global Economy will have to brighten.

There is fire from Middle East, Europe, Nay, the world. The world is a failed state. The very symbolism of national flags, currency symbolic designs, sporting colours, be it football, rugby, cricket, etc, are real evidence of Ethnocentrism. The very ethos of United Nations can easily be tagged as United Ethnic Nationalities. Therefore in the RIHANU CONCEPT, our trained DRS (DISPUTE RESOLUTION SPECIALISTS) must themselves go through a non ethnocentric discipline in order to fashion out a neutral, coherent module to deal with Nigerian’s, diverse, volatile, violent ethnic nationalities. Of course, a well thought-out fundamental education, in a curriculum setting, from kindergarten will have to be put in place to help neutralize ethnicity. 


Now, of all the Three Centrism’s, the most controversial, debilitating and most dangerous to date, in human history, has been Religious – Centrism. It has caused wars; split some nation’s asunder, sighting SUDAN as a case study. If you did not know it, that country, after 20 years of ethnic, political and religious war, that has caused millions of deaths, has now Divorced into two separate countries, on precisely egocentric, ethnocentric and Religious – centric demographic line. Ominously, the demographic map of Nigeria’s Presidential election shows the same dreaded Disease – THE SUDAN SYNDROME. MUSLIM NORTH, CHRISTIAN SOUTH. Muslim Bangladesh and Pakistan were hived off out of parent India (HINDU). These, attest comparatively to this thesis. 

It must however be understood that the elimination of the above mentioned INHIBITORS, does not mean forsaking your personal, ethnic or religious identity. On the contrary, it prepares one as a peace inducing instrument that will be ready to contribute positively to the peace of the community in a rather harmonious, thematic, emphasis of LIVE AND LET LIVE – the desired final destination.


The RIHANU CONCEPT FOR EDUCATION should be such that the united history of the black race should start from Primary School to higher institutions. It is also patently important to teach world religions in order to equip the child with an over view of world religions, again to foster the spirit of LIVE AND LET LIVE, which my thesis is trying to induce.

Licenses must be awarded to lay preachers – Pastors and Imans. Jail sentences for inciting preaching that leads to communal violence and murder.

Bible colleges and seminaries will be well advised to modify their unbalanced educational approach. My former seminary I attended in the 60’s and the ones I have dialogued with recently, teach Islam for the purpose of indoctrinating and assuring the student that Christianity is superior to Islam. This is surely wrong. It is an entirely cognitive approach which is alarmingly susceptible to arrogance, thereby portraying RELIGIOUS-CENTRISM – a malady.

The Religious Mission educational approach to Islam must surely involve the development of mutual respect for why Muslims believe in Islam. The Islamic world –view gives Muslims an explanation for every aspect of their life. A genuine appreciation (LIVE AND LET LIVE) of this belief system will enable a Christian to create a common understanding about the varied aspects of the spiritual world. From this common empathy, a relationship can develop until differences can be discussed in the context of loving understanding and appreciation of one another’s faith.

Of course, a mention must be made about Islamic teachers (Imams) who bombard the MADRASAS with the ethos of MUSLIM SUPERIORITY and other warped teachings, like, WESTERN EDUCATION IS HARAM or an abomination, which has given rise to today’s terrorism that emanates from the North – BOKO HARAM. You only have to immerse yourself into the revelations in the Holy Quran…


My ill informed BOKO HARAM and their IMAMS will be well advised to read His Excellency, PROPHET MUHAMMAD, AL AMIN (PBUH)’S ADMONITION ON EDUCATION … Islam Encourages Learning which encompasses Science, Wisdom and Religion. There are many instances, hadiths and Noble verses of the Quran, that encourage people to seek knowledge, both Western and Islamic. Why is it that in black Africa (Nigeria), this great Religion is driven and propelled by ancient prehistoric monsters – cavemen, while in Dubai, Indonesia, they are forward looking and less bloody… Answer? Education or lack of it.

Allah most high says: “say oh my Lord, advance me in “knowledge” (Ta-Ha, 20:114). Allah will raise up the ranks of those of you who believe and who have been granted knowledge (Education, Western and Islamic). I suspect the funnel of wrathful fire directed at the rulers and non-Muslims in the North, by BOKO HARAM, may be as a result of lack of employment, sheer frustration, hopelessness, poverty, hunger, diseases, sheer Government embezzlement by the thieving ruling class, a whiff of jealousy directed at the ever so resourceful Christian Igbos or Igbo traders, Christian Churches and Hotel owners in Maiduguri. And finally, through an illiterate misreading and misinterpretation and a lack of understanding of the thoroughly profound Holy Quoran.

And don’t discount the brutal murder of their leader, Yusuf, by the Nigerian Police, as being the reason for their rage. How could that happen in Yar’Adua’s democratic setting? Was there an inquiry? Was it published? Was anyone found wanting and punished? The Nigerian state must obey international Human Rights Laws. Now, of course, some hate filled old men and politicians are capitalizing on this explosion to ferment evil.

Don’t discount the unseen, bloody hands of hate driven politicians and foreign Terrorists, (Al Qaeda) from Algeria, Yemen and Somalia and a thoroughly, porous and unguarded, unpoliced Northern Borders.
This educational admonition led to the Islamic foray into the Sciences … Ibn I Sina (980-1037), with his important scientific discoveries in 29 different subjects, was an important Islamic scholar that paved the way for European Scientists. Singularly, Muslims made diverse discoveries in Geology, Mineralogy, Botany, Zoology, Mathematics, Algebra, Physics, Chemistry, Medicine, Pharmacy and the Cosmos.

Boko Haram, this writer thoroughly shares your social frustrations but the killings and murders are thoroughly Anti-Prophet Muhammad Mustafa Al Amin (PBUH)’S Noble and wonderful Revelations … “and mankind is Naught but a single cell”… Holy Quran. Translated, it simply means that through the indiscriminate bombings, and shootings you are really murdering your brothers and sisters in Allah.
Do your Imams understand this? And have these Imams come across this … “If it has been your Lord (Allah)’s will and design, they would all have believed, all who are on Earth? Will you then compel (force) mankind against their will?” As revealed by Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)… Yunus (Jonah) 10:99.


The RIHANU CONCEPT goes beyond pigeon holes and recognizes the diversity of life, the sacredness of life, the species and all the manifestations, propensities and dynamics. It also identifies, in essence, the linkages, the common denominators, the fault lines that lead to hate and conflicts or wars; the positive Dynamics of COMPASSION, LOVE AND PEACE, KINDNESS, PITY and the spirit of LIVE AND LET LIVE which should also be extended to the ‘LOWER’ ANIMALS, part of the passengers in this ship – Earth.


Man, a machine? Yes, but are we not more than mindless and heartless machines? We have compassion, creativity, curiosity, imagination and ingenuity … qualities that move us to devise and design machines that enable us to do virtually anything we set our minds to. We can now fly, even beyond the speed of sound; we can fly to the Moon and send machines to Mars and bring back knowledge; we can navigate above and below vast oceans; gaze some 14 billion light years into the origins of Galaxies and the Universe; peer into the living cell; design corrective medicines to treat diseases; peer into atoms to come up with mind blowing technologies. Yes, this is literally a wonderful life and a wonderful world. Yes, we are no ordinary unfeeling, robotic machines. And yet, and yet our ordinariness is to be found in our deficiencies, the psychological three centrism’s … EGOCENTRISM, ETHNOCENTRISM AND RELIGIOUS – CENTRISM, the INHIBITORS – THE INHIBITING TRIPOP MILITATING AGAINST WORLD PEACE. Please I am not trying to raise a political capital, but in President Jonathan, Rochas Okorocha and Governor Tanko Al-Makura, I do see spiritually non ethnocentric and humble Unifiers.


Abdullahi Keni Saint – George is an International, Environmental, Human and Animal Rights Activist. Author of “The Rihanu Concept, LamaZen Buddhist Monk.

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