Thursday, December 06, 2012

"Thoughts" By Nonso Anyanwu

Thoughts in times of tyranny

Keep awakening my jaundiced eyes

Whispering into them, the realities I never knew

Thoughts, guild me into a future

With glittering smiles and wishes

Yet, the beginning of my manhood

O! Thoughts of many colours

Paint me into a favourable favour

For every night is a revelation of deceit

So tragic is the earth's menu:

Unbleeded wounds, uncried deaths

Yet, many teary eyes stare up to Heaven

Our fears legalises our silence

In times of tyranny, O Thoughts!

Be the architect of my unbowed head

Even when furiously bleeding

Thoughts! I pray you,

Be the anchor at my fall

Lead me up, let me drive and soar!

For the world is a lament of victims...

Nonso Franklyn Anyanwu hails form Imo state of Eastern Nigeria. A final year student of English and Literary studies at the Ahmadu Bello University zaria, Nigeria. A member of Creative Writers Club and Association of Nigerian Authors. He has collections of unpublished poems and short stories as well as a novel, he's currently working on his second novel.
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