Wednesday, December 05, 2012


In my great castle

I voyaged to the land called yesterday

When you were declared the 'Moses'

To lead us to harvest honey and milk

We witnessed your obedience

In your executive clothes

When you pledged your loyalty

Held it high for the world to see

You sang an unquenchable fresh air

Which inflamed the sky

And advertised your goodluck

As you pleaded for our thumbs

Still in my thoughts

I sit to sweat under my skin

Trying to comprehend why

We ke-ke napep all day

While you fly in your private bird

You dine with forks and knives

While we wait for the harvest of honey

As our soul brothers

Turn our land to mass-graves

Sweating in my castle

My eyes swim in tears

I scoop wine with buckets

Just to rinse my mind's eye

And erase all shabby memories

To the forest of forgetfulness

As I fight with my pen

In my humble castle

Of my thoughts...

Nonso Franklyn Anyanwu hails form Imo state of Eastern Nigeria. A final year student of English and Literary studies at the Ahmadu Bello University zaria, Nigeria. A member of Creative Writers Club and Association of Nigerian Authors. He has collections of unpublished poems and short stories as well as a novel, he's currently working on his second novel
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