Conversations With Patrick H. Johnson On The Pilgrimage To Elixir

Image: VinZula Kara/Ehirim Files Images

"Join us as we walk to Crenshaw/Stocker to dedicate the mural Elixir to the city. The mural will become a sacred place because of our collective agreement."
------------Patrick Henry Johnson, Artist/Painter/Mural Enterpreneur

I had just noticed Patrick H. Johnson, as an artist, on the Summer of 2010 while pulling out from the Starbucks drive-through on the Washington Corridor in one of my mid-day coffee-break-runs; and Patrick was busy doing his thing: A mural he was setting up by the drive-through to discourage vandalism and graffitti that had been the trademark of the entire Los Angeles area.

Earlier on, I had thought he was like any other would assume, the neighborhood guy one bumps into and exchange some "what's up" kind of greetings as it goes in the Los Angeles/Hollywood road and travel ways. Not until the day of that coffee-break-runs did I know a genius was about to be discovered in the City of Angels, the city with its own kind of drama--where anything goes--and where broken dreams continues apace.

So when I talked Patrick into some talks while the Pilgrim To Elixir was about to begun, he noted the pilgrim was about transformation of himself - about exposure - and time to thank all who collectively helped in the process of putting Elixir in place

Johnson's murals can be found in institutions all around the city: The Central Library, Westwood Charter School, Gardener Elementary School, Bancroft Middle School, Crenshaw Blvd. Leirmert Park, and several other places.

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