Q & A Interview With Elemi J. E. Agbomi

Born to ElderEmin Agbomi Ekoro and Mae Jane Ipam Agbomi Ekoro, practicing physician Elemi John E. Agbomi sits in his studio making beats with Reason and I had to catch up with him at the DEJEA Music Production while he was checking out series of his unpublished songs.


You were trained in the medical field and some other areas in academia. How about some history regarding your background?

My name is Elemi John Emin Agbomi, also known as Dr. Jeeb Fabro. I was born in Adadama, Cross River State, Nigeria. I received my bachelor's degrees - BA in Physics, and BS in Biology from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock; my master's degree, MS in Operations Management from the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville and my doctorate degree in Medicine, MD, from the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences. I did my residency at Westside Family Practice and clinical practice at Akron General Medical Center. I have for over 10 years also been involved with teaching in colleges and universities in the areas of medical sciences - Medical Terminology, Human Anatomy, Physiology and Pharmacology, - and Management Studies in Ohio and California. I have also offered Management Consulting services to area businesses.

Any community service since you moved to California?

Yes. I have been involved in health awareness preventive workshops and educational seminars in the wake of the AIDS epidemic. I also served as a California Precinct Captain in the Barack Obama Campaign for president of the United States of America in 2008.

I'm quite sure, one day you got up and made up your mind to start recording and producing music. How did it all began?

Hailing from a family of musically talented parents and siblings, and in the past serving as a chorister in church choirs, I became a prolific producer, singer/songwriter with an extensive repertoire of yet unpublished songs. I am versed in the “sentimental songs” of the 80's and 90's or earlier era which have reinforced my love for diverse music and my talent as a producer, singer/songwriter. I hope to harness my various expertise in the furtherance of the mission of my foundation, in order to foster the empowerment of the less privileged, and ensure their achievement of self-subsistence; also in advancing an Entertainment Group which will be producing music that captivate the emotion, stimulate the intellect, entertain and heal.

What is your foundation?

My foundation is called DEJEA Foundation USA, Inc. It is a non-profit organization with a mission geared toward development of impoverished rural communities, especially in Nigeria.

Why are you making music just now?

I am a "young" or "new" artist; young only in the music industry sense that I'm just starting out and such is the proper address to neophytes of the trade. However, my passion for making good music isn't. It is almost as a birthright, which is only now surfacing! Also, I am a medical doctor whose passion for making good music is as intense as good medicine, if not over-riding! My present thrust is thus, the making of good soul-searching music that will hopefully, heal the "broken hearted".

How about the song book?

I have for over five years (since 2003) amassed over two hundred (and growing!) thought-provoking, mind-soothing songs - a repertoire that will undoubtedly placate even the traditionally hard-to-please audiophile! The work will be copyrighted in a song book titled: The Elemi Song Book" (I will keep you informed in my newsletter page when the book is completed). The book will not include the tunes; that is reserved for the yet unpublished CDs, which I hope to release periodically depending on the response I get from you, indicating your level of satisfaction. My approach is a bit different. These songs will be organized into need-specific album categories ranging from inspirational/contemplative to endearment/infatuation romance. So that when you are in a certain state of emotional need, you could find an album that will contain only hit songs which would satiate your immediate cravings!

Let's talk about your new CD "Take The First Step".

The album is really making a buzz as a motivational, soulful contemporary R&B album featuring up-tempo celebratory tracks such as "Celebrate The Passing Of Freedom Torch (to President Barrack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden); Celebrating the Legacy Of A King (a tribute to the Dr. Martin Luther King's dream); "Let's Take Time Off To Celebrate," among others. The ten track, 70-minute album with songs written, composed and produced by me, is replete with lyrics that are quite thought-provokingly soulful and reminiscent of sentimental songs of the 80s and 90s or earlier, with soothing contemporary beats that lend themselves to easy listening ballroom dancing and nightclub grooving. The themes of these songs are based on contemporary events with an artistry that seamlessly blends the tracks into a coherent album, much akin to a good story or play with suspense, scenes and plots.

Any favorite of the tracks?

I would say all the tracks are favorites but to answer your question "Take The First Step," would be the one to pick.

And what does the lyrics say?

It's a treatise applauding and motivating anyone who is looked upon with hope, for some kind of redemption or rescue in tough times, and portrays such a character as a "Hope Superstar of Change" or a "Superhero." In the context of gloomy economy, it seemed codign for people to anticipate a panacea as characterized by the tone, response and outcome of the 2008 U.S presidential elections. The public generally want to confide in a superhero, whom in fictions, is seen as being able to afford a solution to their predicament.