Classic Modelling Shots (B)

A model wears a creation from Nigeria by designer Ade Bakare during the Pan African showcase at the 2005 Cape Town Fashion week. The Cape Town Fashion week with this years theme of "African Renaissance" showing Spring/Summer 2005/2006 collections attracts designers from across Africa. Image: Nick Bothma. Location: Capetown, South Africa.

On a warm day: Hot weather in the Los Angeles area plus a publicity agent with a client who was a lion and a pretty model are most of the ingredients for a picture. The only ingredient missing was an angle. The publicity agent claims the lion playfully ripped off Susan Backlinie's bra. but it seems more believable that the lion just sat there. Never the less, it is in the southern California area and a pretty girl is always a good hot weather feature. Location: Buelton, California. Date: July 27, 1972. A Bettmann Collection