A Look At Cameroon's Danielle Mingana Frankie Fochive And Miss Africa USA 2008

Well, it's closing up. The D-Day is just around the corner and from what it looks like the contestants are not taking anything for granted. Much has been said already and the panel of judges are now battling with the anxiety stuff in what they probably think would be a fair judgement to the winner on that Saturday that starts the month of November in the year of our Lord Two Thousand and Eight. How about that?

For 21-year-old Cameroonian-born Danielle Mingana Frankie Fochive, it's anybody's game and she is battle-ready to a gathering that brings down the house where Africans are doing some great stuff to help Motherland Africa, the origin of man in scientific terms.

Danielle has done pretty much besides her academic pursuits of being an eye doctor or oncologist based on how she makes up her mind in the course of her studies at Montgomery College at Takoma Park in Maryland. Volunteering in churches, 'participatring in bible study with children, ' organizing in fund raising activities to help kids during the Christmas season and helping to feed the hungry during Thanksgiving tells a whole lot about a girl who had humble beginnings and raised by her aunt from a country that has one of the highest literacy rate on the African Continent.

Danielle has a dream and that dream is to be crowned Miss Africa USA 2008 on November 1st at the Clayton County Performing Arts Center in Jonesboro, Georgia. I will be there and I will be cheering to all the 17 beautiful African contestants that have so far shown that black is beautiful as the magic of blackness unveils on Mt Zion Parkway.

Goodluck Danielle!

Go Africa Go!


Anonymous said…
Beautiful girl!