Wednesday, January 28, 2015

"Cliff House By The Sea" By Nina Fabunmi

T’was not the cool summer breeze that snuck up on me
Touched me tenderly
Filtering through my clothing
Tossing my hair to the obedience of the wind
No, it wasn’t
T’was not the calming sound of the rolling waves
Rocking back and forth
Lacing the ocean line with seashells, strange blue jelly fish and crabs astray
Not the kiss of the mid day sun
Shinning down with gentle warmth
Causing the sea to shimmer
A horizon with a silver lining
It looked like precious platinum
How could it be?
Lovely scenery, yes
The beauty of nature, magnificence
Bringing with it with it, peace and serenity
Not even that…..
T’was the presence of the one who made it complete
Holding hands, we strolled by the shore
We left our footprints in the sand
We let the water wash our feet
We made snapshots to define our bond
Watched by the cliff house by the beach
We waited to bid the sun good bye
It gently descended into the sea
And glazed the skies in a violet rage
It looked like the fire the burns between us
The wind became chilly
And we held each other through the scenic makeover
By the Cliff house by the sea

---------------NINA FABUNMI
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