Hank Crawford's 'Tico Rico'

Wow! I just dug this excellent LP from my stack of obsolete albums never remastered or bootlegged anywhere. Good thing though, technology has made it easier one can turn LP's, 45s, and 78s into CDs and I will be doing just that. I have searched every archive to see if 'Tico Rico' has been remastered and digitally "waxed" but found out the original recordings and studio may have lost the master tape. Not even Amoeba Records or Sterns Records can brag about having the rights to dig 'Tico Rico' out. Rare though, but possible, depending on the term of contract. If organist Johnny Hammond's "Breakout" LP could be digitally remastered during the same Kudu years, why not the legendary Cajun man, Hank Crawford? But anyway, I just thought whoever must have hidden this masterpiece should pop up and turn it into CD. I'm missing listening to tracks like 'Tico Rico,' 'I've Just Seen a Face,' 'Teach Me Tonight,' 'Funky Rooster,' and 'Lady Soul.'

Absolutely one of the best jazz recordings by Creed Taylor and the Kudu years.