Thursday, January 08, 2015

Porscha Starr 2015 Lingerie Launch (Press Release)



My name is Porscha and I am an online retailer. I’ve recently started an online store selling lingerie and I wonder if your company might be interested in this story.

This is a pretty new thing, and we hope to be big soon. We have an interesting story: Porscha Starr is a premier custom lingerie brand designing only the hottest lingerie and intimate apparel that is tailor made to its client. Porscha Starr has expanded its business beyond the Downtown Los Angeles showroom to its online store Porscha Starr Lingerie is well known for its edgy, alluring, fashion forward, sexy designs and custom created lingerie .The Porscha Starr customer is beautiful, sexy, alluring, playful, trendy, bold and fashion forward. I envisioned a clothing line that embodied the various surfaces of a woman: classy, sexy and edgy. Inspired by futuristic styles and trends, Porscha Starr Lingerie creates custom pieces that evoke confidence and high energy unveiling a Starr in every woman.    

The Porscha Starr 2015 Custom Collection Launches January 9, 2015. Would you share and spread the word about it? I’d really like to get some momentum going.

Please let me know if we can tell you anything more about our product and our story. Maybe other online retailers can learn a few things about selling online.

Thank you
Porscha Starr Lingerie
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