Tuesday, October 15, 2013


Nigerians in the Diaspora Organisation (NIDO) Europe organizes it Annual General Meeting in Rotterdam, The Netherlands on 9th November 2013, attracting delegates from its 19 Regional Chapters in the United Kingdom and Mainland Europe.  Also expected in attendance is Her Excellency Dr (Mrs) Nimota Akanbi, Ambassador of Nigeria to The Netherlands and representatives from other Embassies in Europe and High Commissioner to Great Britain, His Excellency Dr. Dalhatu Sarki Tafida, OFR, CFR.

Highlight of the AGM is the organizational reform, which contains a three-phase process culminating in a set of recommendations to be put together by an Analysis Team.

Describing the reform as ‘long overdue’ the NIDO Europe Chairman, Hon. Collins Nweke enjoined all 19 Chapter Chairpersons of the organisation to apply themselves credibly to the process. He reiterated his remarks at the Diaspora Day 2013 in Abuja where he observed that ‘a question mark hangs over the relevance, if not the existence, of Nigerians in Diaspora Organisation (NIDO) as a veritable policy instrument for Nigeria in harnessing its huge human and capital resource deposits outside Nigeria.’ He went further to explain that ‘the irony of the situation is that those who argue against NIDO, both openly and clandestinely have failed to come up with a viable alternative. They are aware that going back to the pre-NIDO era when there were thousands of Nigerian organisations abroad competing against one another for recognition of the Government for partnership on developmental issues, is senseless.” Nweke was also quick to add that NIDO on its part needs to do a sincere soul-searching to determine if it is fulfilling the purpose for which it was formed and if not, to dare question itself as to why? Above all, it must be prepared to initiate a reform process.

It will be recalled that at the annual Summit of NIDOE, which took place in Zurich, Switzerland, in May 2013, a soul-searching effort informed a robust debate on a new direction for the organisation. Consequently the need for a reform was underscored by the panel of discussants.

On the modus operandi for the reform, the General Secretary, Mr Benson Osawe explained that Phase 1 of the process entails a broad-based call for memoranda both internally and indeed outside the traditional NIDOE family. According to Mr Osawe ‘this organisation should not always be about those within its fold. Sometimes it makes sense for it to be about millions of other Diaspora potential members. A reform process of this nature is an opportunity to call for ideas from all and sundry. We want to know what they think about us. What do they think we should be doing, how do the different stakeholders want to engage with us? You don’t leave such pertinent questions to imagination. You simply go out there and pose the questions to those who can provide you sincere answers’ he concluded.

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Hon. Collins NWEKE | Chairman Board of Trustees Nigerians in Diaspora Organisation Europe | SECRETARIATNigeria House9, Northumberland AvenueLondon WC2N 5BX | United KingdomTel.: +32 498 345 889 Email: chair@nidoeurope.org | Website: www.nidoeurope.org


Nigerians in Diaspora Organization (NIDO) Europe is the European arm of a global Nigerian Diaspora network. Established in the year 2000 and registered in England and Wales in 2002 under the Companies Act, the organization’s Headquarters is in London from where it serves its 19 Regional Chapters in 18 European Countries.

Membership of the organization is open to all Nigerians, 18 years and above and resident in Europe. Corporate membership is open to all Nigerian professional and community organizations in Europe.
NIDOE provides an umbrella to all Nigerians in Europe. In concert with the other continental arms of NIDO in the Americas, Asia and Africa, the organization is the largest assembly of Nigerians worldwide.

The Government of Nigeria recognizes the organization as the official platform through which individual Nigerian Diaspora and corporate bodies can channel their developmental efforts to Nigeria. In this sense, the organization partners with both public and private businesses in focused areas such as Trade & Investment, professional networking, stakeholder advocacy and skills transfer to Nigeria.


The highest organ of NIDO Europe is the General Assembly made up of members across Europe. The Organization is governed by its Board of Trustees (BoT), who are fit, proper and accomplished individuals drawn from its membership and representing diverse professions. The 19 Regional Chapters are governed by Chapter Executive Council headed by a Chapter Chairperson. The BoT and Chapter Representatives meet yearly at a Summit to review policy and chart new directions for the organization. The Annual General Meeting (AGM) holds on a yearly basis. The organization has an Advisory Board with a mandate to provide advice and counseling to the organization through the Board of Trustees.
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