Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Anambra Guber Poll: Ubah Pledges to Tackle Insecurity, Fiscal Autonomy

Ugochukwu Aliogo
This Day, September 18, 2013

 The Labour Party (LP) standard-bearer for the November 16 governorship election in Anambra State, Dr. Ifeanyi Ubah, has expressed dismay over the persistent security challenges, which have confronted the state without apparent visible solution in the last seven and half years.

Ubah, who spoke to journalists at Nnewi Tuesday, on arrival from the National Executive Committee (NEC) meeting of the LP, said already, he had proposed a comprehensive review of the security arrangement in the state, when he eventually assumes the mantle of leadership in the state come March 17, 2014.
He further disclosed that his administration would not just fight crime “we shall put structures on ground to discourage criminality, violent crimes and kidnappings.. We will also support financial autonomy for the Judiciary.
Speaking further, he said: “We will implement a comprehensive plan to tackle the root causes of insecurity; reliance on use of force alone will not stem the tide of insecurity in the state. We will focus on preventive measures in order to stop crimes from being committed, rather than waiting to detect crimes and apprehend offenders after the act.
“We will implement job and training programmes to take idle youths off the streets and keep them meaningfully engaged.”
On security, Ubah disclosed that his administration would involve the citizenry in neighbourhood security, which would broaden intelligence-gathering capabilities and also help to curb crimes generally.

“We will deploy helicopters and high-tech surveillance equipment for the police and other security stakeholders to use in the monitoring of our borders for criminal activities and to nip same in the bud,” he said.
On the issue of security vote, Ubah said his administration would use the funds judiciously for the purpose of provision of security in the state.

“In fact, that security would be top priority of the administration, nipping out armed banditry and kidnapping very effectively. The administration of justice would be broadly reviewed to meet international best practices in regards to reducing or eliminating delays and technicalities in the administration of justice and ensuring that courts dispense even-handed justice,” he added.
Meanwhile, a chieftain of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and one of the leaders of Thought in Anambra North senatorial zone, Chief Mike Nwakalor, has lent his voice to the need to make very necessary adjustments in the security network in the state.
He admitted that insecurity was not limited to the state alone, but was quick to add that “when Tony Nwoye, wins and assumes office as governor, he has a lot of work to do to ensure that insecurity monster was tamed for good.”

Nwakalor said what is currently going on in the state and headquarters of the PDP as a mere channel noise that was normal and expected in a very large family."But it will never breakdown to any violence whatsoever...,” he stated.
He said it was good that the party chose a young and vibrant flag bearer in Nwoye who would run, walk, jump, sing or clap whenever the need arises.
The PDP chieftain, however, plans to pass some word of advice to the party to assist them resolve the existing differences, but emphasised he would not do so on the pages of newspaper. That he would use other more honourable channels of engagement.
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