Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Summer 2013 Reads From The Homeez Of Yomiland

By Chike Nwasike
Cloud Berry Books, 268 pages; $13.95

When a journalist is sent to investigate the death of a Nigerian civil war officer in a town of refuge in a remote part of Nigeria, he uncovers the stories of its inhabitants. He also uncovers a conspiracy and learns of the conflicts and competing interests that has shaped the lives of the residents.

By Rose Ihedigbo
Tate Publishing, 262 pages; $20.99

Rose and three young children walked onto American soil wearing Sandals in the Snow, an abrupt transition from Nigeria to New York. This fascinating memoir recounts the amazing journey of an African family searching for the American dream. Rose Ihedigbo draws readers into the account beginning in two small villages in Nigeria, through snowstorms, and into life in New York and Massachusetts. This engaging story sweeps the readers in, allowing them to live vicariously through the experiences. Sandals in the Snow integrates the authors native language, Igbo, with English and utilizes African phrases and simple translations. Rose poetically describes her story and the faithfulness of God that was impressed on her through every experience. Discover hope for your own struggle in this dramatic testimony to what can be achieved through commitment, faith, and education. This memoir provides readers an understanding of religion in African villages and a personal account of the Biafra War. You will be encouraged at this portrait of human resilience and triumph over adversities.

By Chinelo Okparanta
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

Chinwe thinks that he stayed for about an hour, but it’s hard for her to know exactly how long, because after fifteen minutes of his flipping through the pages of the Awake! magazine, and the pages of the Watchtower, and the pages of his Bible (the New World Translation), she excused herself. Assignments to grade, she said, and went to her room. She fell asleep there and did not wake up until her mama came knocking at her door, asking just how long she intended to stay in her room, scolding her for being so rude to the nice young man who came to bring the good news of God’s Kingdom to them.

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