Friday, March 01, 2013

Bloomberg Philanthropies Donates $100 Million To Put An End To Polio

Bloomberg Philanthropies recently announced a $100 million donation over the next six years that could potentially end polio forever. The fight against polio made great strides in 2012, as the number of cases worldwide plunged to 225, according to the organization. The disease is now contained to three countries - Afghanistan, Pakistan and Nigeria - and if this momentum is continued through funding and medication provisions, it's predicted that polio could be eradicated.
"We're at a critical juncture in the global effort to end polio. If we're going to achieve a polio-free world, we must act quickly and commit now to providing the resources needed to fund the GPEI plan and to get the job done. Mayor Bloomberg's commitment is a key development in helping to ensure that all children are protected from this and other vaccine-preventable diseases," said Bill Gates, whose foundation will be a partner in this effort.

Michael Bloomberg said it's discouraging that so many children continue to suffer at the hand of a debilitating illness that can be prevented with vaccination. This multi-year plan involves interrupting transmission, extending necessary healthcare services to children and expanding access to vulnerable populations.

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