Tuesday, December 04, 2012

These Gory Sights By Nonso Anyanwu

I saw through the midst of torments

The echoes of many burnt faces

Grimacing in their own fumes

Lying potently in quest for quench

Kinder that those echoes

Should wail off in torment

Clutching on their faithful apparatus

As their mind succumbs to their place of rest

We clap with our minds at alert

Yet, there is hope in anarchy,

We worship with troops at the gate

Yet, the Lord is Ominiprotect

Still in these gory sights

The Lamb is helpless

In corrugated iron bars of wealth

Sprinkling on us, the holy waters of hope

While we weep and smile at once...

Nonso Franklyn Anyanwu hails form Imo state of Eastern Nigeria. A final year student of English and Literary studies at the Ahmadu Bello University zaria, Nigeria. A member of Creative Writers Club and Association of Nigerian Authors. He has collections of unpublished poems and short stories as well as a novel, he's currently working on his second novel.
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