Monday, September 24, 2007

Serah Onyeachor's Hollywood Debut

Raised in Enugu and Abuja, Serah Ogechi Onyeachor had made up her mind she was going to be making movies in the future. I had been called by Nollywood actress Stephanie Okereke to come visit the set near Warner Bros Studios in Burbank where Onyeachor was making her debut in acting and directing. Also, filmmaker Pascal Atuma had called me earlier to tell me about it, and had requested I should go and show my support since "she is our own and needs our support" to keep up with the happenings in Hollywood.

I got to this movie set and was greeted by Okereke who said she came to show her support and will be appearing in the supporting cast. Walking around the movie set and seeing all the props and cameras used in making this short movie to be released sometime next year, I was really impressed to see a very young girl driven by passion to achieve her goal in life. Spending two years at New York Film Academy, Onyeachor who studied Communications in England told me the movie industry had been her dream which is why she moved to the United States.

Her debut is about a 17-year-old girl called Amanda, who lost her father to an automobile accident while the agony of that loss made her mother commit suicide because she "couldn't take it no more." Meanwhile the 17-year-old had hidden the death of her parents until she found love to relieve her pains. The movie stars Nicole Clifford, Cheyenne Davidson, Carlos Knight, Rainier Kenny and Travis L. Carter, and featuring Pascal Atuma and Stephanie Okereke.
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