Saturday, June 30, 2007

Oshodi Bus Stop

What better way to hang around this bus terminal than a very hot day immersing yourself in the hustling and bursting notorious Oshodi Bus Stop where people from all walks of like hang out doing brisk business - from pick-pocketing to cha-cha, high-tech gambling? Do not let the guns get ya. It's a jungle out there, and of course, the entire world is a ghetto, if you know what I mean.

Friday, June 29, 2007

News Desk Friday, June 29, 2007

President's Public Assets Declaration - Yar'Adua Worth N856m

ABUJA — PRESIDENT Umaru Yar’Adua is worth N856,452,892 in cash and landed properties, according to his assets declaration made public yesterday in Abuja. His liabilities as at last May 28 stood at N88,793,269.77. That was 24 hours to his inauguration. MORE>>

Addax Petroleum Donates N20m Starter Packs in Skill Acquisition Scheme

OWERRI—Starter packs worth over N20 million have been distributed to youths from the oil communities of Izombe and Ezi-Orsu who benefited from the Technical Skills Acquisition Programmes (TSAP) of Addax Petroleum Development Nigeria Limited. MORE>>

Former Security Boss Raises Alarm Over Unauthorized Arms in Imo

Former Special Adviser to the Imo State Government on Security Matters, Chief Zeek-Martins Nnadozie has decried the amount of arms and ammunition in the hands of thugs hired by politicians during the last general election. MORE>>

Obasanjo Will Destroy PDP - Gani

Human rights activist, Chief Gani Fawehinmi, (SAN) has faulted the emergence of former President Olusegun Obasanjo as the Chairman, Board of Trustees of the Peoples Democratic Party, stressing that he (Obasanjo) ”would destroy that party.” MORE>>

Passport for Africans Inaugurated in Ghana

Civil society organisations on Thursday in Accra, Ghana, inaugurated an African citizens passport. The passport is green, just like the Nigerian passport, carries the logo of Africa and calls on African governments to allow the bearer ”to freely pass, trade, work and reside in any part of the continent with full rights, entitlements and responsibilities of citizenship.” MORE>>

UK-Based Nigerian Invents Anti-Rigging Machine

A Nigerian businessman based in the United Kingdom, Mr. Ben Aghanya, has invented a machine that can prevent election rigging and foster the growth of democracy in Nigeria. Demonstrating the invention to newsmen in Enugu on Thursday, Aghanya said he designed the machine to prevent a recurrence of the malpractices that characterised the last general election in the country. MORE>>

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Orile-Iganmu, Lagos (The Way We Live)

Could you imagine yourself sitting, walking or swimming around this picturesque city, supposedly the largest metropolis in Africa, thinking about the potopoto, muds, swamps, refuse dumps and roads without storm drains? Of course, it's normal living and you bet, Naijas are happy, no matter what.

The mind is a wonderful thing, with an infinite ability to multitask, as my mind is doing in this case, mixing two seemingly unrelated considerations - one dealing with roads without storm drains and the other concerning the poor conditions of living in Africa's most populous country and perhaps the richest black nation on Planet Earth.


Wednesday, June 27, 2007

News Desk Thursday, June 28, 2007

Senate Rejects Motion to Release MASSOB Leader

A motion sponsored by Senator Uche Chukwumerije and 24 other Senators asking the Senate to request the release of the leader of the Movement for the Actualisation of the Sovereign State of Biafra, Mr. Ralph Uwazurike, was on Wednesday rejected. MORE>>

Protesters Insist on Trial of Ex-Governor Nnamani by EFCC

Protesters on Wednesday besieged the Enugu office of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, demanding the prosecution of the immediate past governor of the state, Dr. Chimaroke Nnamani. The protesters, comprising mostly members of civil society groups, sacked state civil servants and commercial motorcyclists, said that Nnamani ought not to enjoy plea bargaining. MORE>>

PDP, ANPP, PPA Reach Accord on Unity Govt

Dodgy concessions of public entities, and privatisation, including that of refineries between March 1 and May 29 this year, are to be reviewed by the government. That is one of the conditions given by the All Nigeria Peoples Party (ANPP) to team up with President Umaru Yar’Adua, which he and his Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) have accepted. MORE>>

500,000 bpd Nigeria Crude to Remain Shut-in Through 2007

LAGOS — ABOUT 500,000 barrels per day of Nigeria’s crude oil output, representing a fifth of the country’s current total production, will remain shut-in through 2007 after the Royal Dutch Shell Plc foreclosed yesterday, plans to re-enter its operations in the western Niger Delta. MORE>>

6-Month Jail Term Awaits Naira Abusers

LAGOS — THE amended Act of the Central Bank (CBN) is stipulating a jail term of six months for anyone that abuses the Naira. The Act which was recently signed into law, provides that anyone caught spraying the naira will be jailed for six months without an option of fine while anyone abusing the naira in any other way that is, writing on it, will be jailed for six months or pay a fine of N50,000. MORE>>

Lagos Plans to Relocate Collapsed Buildings Victims - Declares Ebute Metta, yaba, Lagos Island Disaster Areas

LAGOS—The Lagos State Government has concluded plans to relocate the victims of collapsed and defective buildings in the state to Epe and Ijanikin in the suburb areas of the state even as it threatened to acquire such buildings. MORE>>

Nigerian Students 5th Largest in UK - GOZNEY

Nigeria has the fifth largest population of students studying in Britain (United Kingdom), behind United States of America, China, India and Malaysia, the British High Commissioner in Nigeria, Sir Richard Gozney, disclosed at a press briefing in Lagos. MORE>>

Nigerians Protest Killing of Citizen by Spanish Police

A MASSIVE protest by Nigerians is to be staged tomorrow across the globe to demand a probe into the maltreatment and subsequent killing of a Nigerian, Osamuyia Aikpitanhi, by Spanish law enforcement agencies on June 9, this year. The march, being organised by a group called Concerned Nigerians Worldwide (CNW), is billed to hold in over 20 countries. According to reports, Aikpitanhi, a Nigerian immigrant, was arrested by Spanish agents and "loaded" into an Iberia aircraft bound for Lagos, Nigeria. MORE>>


(Yabis Session of Saturday, 21 December 1991, at The Africa Shrine, Pepple Street, Ikeja, Lagos)

by Dulue Mbachu

Afrika Shrine - The Shrine - was the central concept around which Fela Anikulapo-Kuti organized his show business and at the same time expressed his art and his politics. The routine consisted essentially of three shows a week: Friday, Gbegbegbe (noise-making) night, which featured only music and none of the political jibes and outrageous jokes he was known for; Saturday, Comprehensive Show, which featured the famous yabis sessions when Fela called things by their name in the tradition of African night spirits, sometimes pleasing and outraging the audience at the
same time; and Tuesday, Ladies Night, when ladies were allowed in free.

Fela would usually speak for between five and 20 minutes, depending on his mood, passing comments on current events, trading barbs with the audience or abusing the forever inept authorities. But on this particular night, 21 December 1991, Fela spoke for nearly one-and-a-half hours, making it the longest yabis session I was to witness during a decade of regular attendance.

On this day there had been elections to choose state governors under Gen. Ibrahim Babangida’s ill-fated transition to civil rule programme. Movement had been restricted during the day, as is often the case during Nigerian elections, and in the evening Lagos poured out to enjoy itself. The Shrine was packed with enthusiasts and the air was pungent with the smell of marijuana.

As was usual, Fela’s band, the Egypt 80 Band, had struck up at about 11 pm, playing the old hits he would no longer play himself, having decided he had moved beyond them once they were released. This went on for nearly three hours until Fela arrived to a noisy welcome. Dressed in his trade-mark tight-fitting shirt and trousers, this time of purple colour, and decorated with abstract motifs, he immediately went into business. The first number was BBC, Big Blind Country, one of a dozen new compositions he refused to record in his last eight years and were only played at his shows. It lasted 45 minutes. For most of the audience, the show was proceeding according to a familiar routine. It was made even more familiar by Fela’s announcement at the end of the number that the band was going on a 15-minute

“If you like, you can go and smoke Igbo (marijuana) make you get sense,” Fela continued, as was his wont.

“If you like, you can go and drink ogogoro, whiskey, beer…and you can be sure that Lagos gutters will welcome you with open arms.

“But if you know you are tired of your life, and you now want to be useless to your family, go and shack gbana (heroin), cocaine…”

With this he went backstage while the band members went away to get refreshments and prepare for the Comprehensive Show. Exactly 15 minutes later, Fela reappeared on the stage, shirtless and his face painted in chalk and camwood, another familiar item in his routine.

“We would like to worship at our Shrine. And we would like you to give us a few moments of silence. Silence is not compulsory,” he said.

With this he went over to the Shrine, to the left side of the stage. The curtains had been drawn aside to reveal an assortment of objects, including photographs of his mother, Funmilayo Ransome-Kuti, Kwame Nkrumah and himself. Accompanied by a few of his followers, he began his rituals.

A bottle of Schnapps was opened by one of his assistants and poured into two calabash bowls. Fela then poured palm wine from a bottle kept at the ready and threw one kola nut into each bowl while the supplicants made incantations, intermittently raising their hands in an arm-fisted salute. Fela was then handed a white chicken. He twisted its neck until its blood started dripping. He poured the blood into the bowls and mixed the concoction, whereupon he drank deeply from one of the bowls before passing to his fellow worshippers. Some partook, others did not.

Worship over, Fela returned to the stage and an assistant handed him a giant, one-foot-long wrap of marijuana already lit. It was time for yabis. He puffed with relish, looked at the audience with a smile and said:

Fela: When fire enter for mouth nko-o!

Chorus: E go commot for nyash ni-ooooo!

Fela: Brothers and sisters. I was trying to find out the real meaning where white people got the name, wife. Wife. Iyawo. Me I know that in any other language iyawo means problem. Iya wo! Trouble. (Loud laughter) Because me know, those of us wey don enter spiritual life know say na women dey control before before… That is why women are called Alhaja. The Jah. The spirit that gave Mohammed power. Jah! Those are the spirits that the Rastas are worshipping. Jah! That’s why women are Alhajas. That’s why…because the war of the mind showing the place where the power of the spirit of the whole world is and knowing that shrine will be here, that is why we have
Ikeja. (Loud laughter)

Voice from audience: All that one na story!

Fela: Because this is where we in our sector have come to face Jah, this is where Jah…Ikeja ni! The area of Jah. (Loud, prolonged laughter) What I’m saying is a very very serious thing! We now know the reason why Babangida go find power for Abu jaa! (Laughter) But Abuja means many things. Abuja in Yoruba means short-cut. (Laughter) So is Babangida going to short-cut to steal more? Or short-cut to craze? Which one gaaaan? Na all! Na to craze. Abuja. The women who have been ruling the world for 70 million years get their power from the underground spirits. Make I smoke this Igbo? (He looks at the dying embers of his giant wrap of pot.)

Voices from the audience: Smoke am! Smoke am! Smoke am!

(He takes successive, prolonged puffs.)

Fela: Brothers and sisters. Brothers and sisters. See. When the concert of Children of Africa was going to happen. I will tell you.

Voices: No! We no want! Onwuka don finish you!

Fela: Abeg, abeg, abeg, abeg. (Makes gesture of contempt.) I’ve been talking in this place (Talking to somebody in the audience)…And those people wey dey follow me know…We’re not preaching about God, Jesus Christ. We are preaching about ourselves, our minds. What we’ve got to learn. What we should look for. Where the power is. You know, I told you I did politics. I entered politics to the full brim. From politics I catch spirit. And from spirit I see say this world no be one, na two. One
extra one wey come dey on top makes three. (Shouts of disbelief) You see my sisters. So wetin we dey talk today na de thing we dey scatter country dey go. But we must be alive for the end will come. The end of this confusion must come by their own hand. But by, well the way they’re doing it…they way things dey go. See. Now. As we dey talk, this world is one and two and Babangida e come go Abuja to worship the spirit underground. There is a mountain in Abuja, that mountain is supposed to be the place where the most powerful spirits of the underground live. The mistake wey dem make be say…When women dey rule the world and they were busy confusing themselves - because women are always confusionists - they did not know that the top of Olumo Rock in
Abeokuta as you see am so. I was told by a German surveyor in prison that the government has sent them to measure the highest point in West Africa. The highest point in West Africa is Olumo Rock in Abeokuta. Because they do not want people to know that the secret of the power was under that rock, they gave the name Abeokuta [Abeokuta: the town under the rock]. So that anybody who goes there can curse under stone. But really the meaning of that area is Ori Olumo.

So Babangida go Abuja now. Go find power. Aikhomu dey for Lagos, ‘im no go any where, ‘im na transmitter. (Laughter) Children of Africa, dem come. Onwuka Kalu is a small, you see there are so many gods in this world. Him sef come do ‘im own. So when ‘im come my house, I see am. Before me I see you, I see your spirit, I see everything. So I see am. I say ok oh. Onwuka Kalu. Say this show na for wetin? If na for money o, pay me. E say no, na for children of Africa…I say ok o. How much be gate fee. E say 10 to 15 naira, at most 20 naira. I tell am, I go do show for you. To show you I dey support, you know, me I be gaani oh! (Laughter) I say look, I go give you one number free, to put for record for children of Africa to make money. And my television rights, I give you free. We sign am. You dey hear me o?

Voices: Odu. You dey hear me o. You dey hear me o.

Fela: E bring paper, I sign am. Because I know say e dey lie. When the time for the show reach, I see for television: Gate fee 500 naira! 300 naira! I come go Shrine. I say thank you very much for the gift. The man don make me get 65,000. I know say uhn! I no go do. And that money, shuuwan. (He passes a hand across his mouth making an eating sign.)

(Prolonged laughter follows)

Fela: There is no artiste in this world that gives television rights free. Me I gi’am free. I gi’am record, free. You hear that one before. For wetin? To take 500 naira? Take your money, give me 10,000 dollars. For wetin? So I come send power for ‘im nyash. I gi’am date to pay balance, 25th November. If e no pay on
that day, na contract. E dey for the contract o. On the 25th I just go my bed. I go war ‘im leg. (Laughter)

Voices: Come dey fuck toto! You send Orisha go meet am!

Fela: Him no see road for my house. E no come. As e no come, (He wipes his mouth with a whistle) I chop ‘im money. (More laughter)

Voices: No case! Any case? 419!

Fela: My own no be 419, na 999! (More laughter)

Voices: The Igbo don quench o! Smoke the Igbo now!

Fela: When we go Sunsplash for Lekki. Na this man wey put money that time. Punch Oga. Mr….? That man wey die.

Voice: Aboderin!

Fela: Aha. Aboderin! Na ‘im pickin dey here so.

Voices: Wey am! Wey am!

Fela: Na ‘im pickin be that. (Applause as the man stands up and sits again) So na ‘im take ‘im money carry me go Sunsplash. They brought all artistes, Yellow Man, Blue Man, Pink Man. They bring everybody! Na ‘im we dey enjoy dey go yen yen yun. Out of all the artistes wey perform for that show, the bank wey give them credit letter na for Liberia. Two American banks. All the artistes got their cash by
credit letter. Me, when dem come my house I say give me cash. (Laughter)

Voice: Yeei! Olosi! Olori buruku!

Fela: Half-way inside plane I take my money, hundred, hundred dollars cash, yen, yen, yen, yen. When show finish, katakata start. Heavy jump body jumbos. Bank no pay. Yellow man turn to blue. (Laughter) Dem no pay, uhn! Me I get my money. Because the black man is following white man too much. White man, e bring money, then e come bring cheque. Then e come bring credit card. Then e come bring credit letter. Then e come bring bank draft. No be ‘im be say e done too much. So me I kuku stay for the
first one: money. (Laughter)

I dey play for 7Up on the 26th, for Lekki. Yesterday they come pay. When the man call me e say, Mr Fela, would you like a cheque? I said no no huh huh huh. (Laughter) Any money wey I dey take like this, it must full bag. We dey go Warri 24th. 25th we dey Benin. 26th we’re coming to play at Lekki. Na ‘im.

(Several voices shouting unintelligibly)

Fela: Only the money? (This in response to someone near the stage) Babangida take you dey do boy-boy you call am money. Ode! You’re spending paper! You’re not spending money!...Stupid! You don wear blue and white shirt. Get up! Get up! Let’s see you well. (Laughter) You no talk now. You hide inside darkness dey yab. You’re a man of darkness. (Voices continue shouting various abuses and comments at him) My brother wey dey remind me to smoke Igbo, you see na only your voice I dey hear.
So I go smoke am. (He begins a prolonged drag at the huge joint.)

Voice: The thing don quench-o!

(There is uproarious cheering as a tongue of flame leaps out of the glowing end. As it goes off it leaves off a thick curl of smoke spiraling upwards, which Fela pursues with open mouth to inhale, causing more wild laughter and cheering.)

Fela: Those wey dey smoke cocaine think say no only dem dey chase? Me sef dey chase for Igbo now. (More laughter)

Voice: Maradona!

Fela: Everybody say yei yea!

Chorus: Yeeeeeeii Yeeeeeaa!

Fela: So as I dey talk before, you know say the meaning of iyawo na iyaaa wooo. Look me o. So. For white man language they give man husband. Horse band. Women are very very wicked people. (Loud shouts of incredulity) They no even give us horse sef, na the band of the horse. (Laughter). Na so o. Everybody go begin dey run. Everybody dey. Family dey go. Hey o! Hey my wife o! Hungry dey worry you. Dem go make meeting. Family go come. Hey! My wife! Office. The name na horse band!
(Prolonged laughter) So when man come give them wife…If you look the word wife…All these things that end in wife, strife, you know, ehe, knife! The meaning of wife is knife! (Laughter) Dis woman dey look me bad eye o! (Referring to a woman in the audience) Are you married to that man? (Pointing to a man next to her) Ooooh! Mr. and Mrs. You don miss yourselves. Him just dey miss you dey go ni. You, Mister,
you miss your star. Misses. You don dey miss go ni. (Laughter)

Fela (After some pause): Na white man language sha. (After another pause) For television I come dey hear one song dey say: Jesu Funmilayo. Jesu Funmilayo. Jesu no mean anything pass Je su o! Jesu means je su. You know, toto. Je su o. (He sang making a fucking motion, provoking wild laugher and shouts in protest.) You no go gree. How you go gree? When God send somebody come die, come carry the sins of people go, abi? When e reach the time to come die now, e come say God o abeg help me die o! God say you dey craze! (Wild laughter and shouts of protest) Na the God wey send am o. Man wey dem send go. Son of God gaaan o, as ‘im call ‘imself. When the time to come die come reach now, e come go for mountain: God if it’s possible, remove this cup from my hand. You see now. Which kin’ God be that one. Yeye God. When police dey beat me like this, ask them! Gaddamn! I face them ni o. (Laughter) Ah! Dem go dey beat me dey go. Dem go dey beat. I no go make any cry. Not one sound. Na ‘im e go come dey vex dem dey go. Dem go come dey beat me, dey beat me. I no go make one sound. Dem go wan kill me. My brother, abeg, I no be Jesus Christ wey dem give six strokes e faint. (Shouts of shock and incredulity) Abeg. Jesus Christ, ‘im own na, e come je su. Finish. You see all the things about this world, na toto. Jesus Christ ‘im come je su. Me I come… Mofe fe ki n ma la. (I want to open the cunt
wide and lick it.) Fela! (Wild laughter) Me fe la. Jesu wa je su. Na you know wetin you come do o. (Wild laughter)

Fela (after some pause): Judas Ischariot, that one is a bad man. (Laughter) Him don see Jesus Christ say na wayo man. E say, I go catch you. E come tell all ‘im people. Judas. You that’s why we have… they’re the sons of Judah. Israel, Israeli people…That’s why there are Jews. Dem no dey worship Jesus Christ. They worship Yahweh. That’s why they’re the strongest people in the world today, because dem
no dey worship Jesus.

Voice: Which kin’ human being dem be!

Fela: Cool down now. Israelis dey there now. Na Judas Ischariot na ‘im be their baba wey bring Jesus Christ out say you’re a thief. (Shouting continues for a while)

Voice: You don’t know what you’re saying.

Fela: You’re an IBB man, we know! Shut up!

Voices: Sony Okosuns dey yab you! See your wrong packing! You no even wear pant!

Fela: Are you the entertainer or am I the entertainer? (Addressing someone standing near the stage and shouting at him) Shut up all of you! Why are you gbe gbe gbe gbe gbe like that? Please allow the women to shout. All the women shout your own shout, oya. (Shouting continues)

Voice: Sony Okosuns dey yab you!

Fela: Sony Okosuns yab me?

Voices: Yes!!!

Fela: Abeg, please. If cockroach dey yab person, you must not answer. (Laugher) He can’t yab me. He’s my friend. He’s my small brother.

Voice: What of your own brother, Olikoye.

Fela: My brother. Wetin do my brother? You wan find am? Go find am. Go for Ikoyi or Abuja. When you reach there dem go beat you well well o. (Laughter) Brothers and sisters let’s play some sounds now. (Shouting continues) You wan me to go buy land for Abuja? (Responding to somebody in the audience) No be land. Na tree I go go buy there. (Laughter) I go go build my house on top of tree in Abuja. You dey craze? I stay in Lagos, maen. Lagos is the most beautiful city in the whole world. In Lagos we have the best totos. Only say dem no put drainage. If you pass the roads na swimming pool. Nigeria na wa o.

Voice: You no vote today o!

Fela: Vote?

Voice: You no vote!

Fela: Vote? Vote? Those who went to vote today are those who have lost their powers. (Laughter) Me, I see. People wey get common sense no dey do dat kin’ thing. If you wan vote, go and vote o and be the most stupid man in the whole world.

Voice: You must either vote SDP or NRC.

Fela: Abeg, to discuss those people is a waste of time. If you want to discuss SDP and NRC, you’re discussing rats and mice. (Laughter) So let the rats play and the mice play. Let them do their work to destroy and in the meantime we shall give them rat poison and they will all die off. (Laughter)

Voice: We’re voting for you.

Fela: You can’t vote for me. Me I get my own vote from up ni (pointing at his Shrine), international one. Vote for me? No o. The thing wey dey vote for me na ‘im dey there, my Shrine. Leave that one. Vote? Abeg my brother, please ehn. Me I dey for your front dey dance, dey fuck, dey show, dey shake am. At 53. Go check your Papa now. With ‘im very fat stomach, now e dey sleep for house dey make grrrhhhh.
(Laughter) I never finish show yet o. Wait till next year. Wait till five years. You, you go know say before dem say seven wonders of the world. Me I’m the eight. (Applause) Unless you no know yourself. When people know themselves, everybody done know themselves. Go and know yourself o, because me, I know myself. Tomorrow, Sunday, we’re launching Femi’s album at the Shrine. Gate fee: 20 naira. Me sef
I dey on stage tomorrow, not my band, but I dey gaaaan.

Voice: Na today o!

Fela: Tuesday is lady’s night…

Voices: No be tomorrow. Na today. Today! Today!

Fela: Today. Today. Today. Tomorrow. Today. Tomorrow. Welcome. Just put the white man’s machine for your hand and start confusing yourself, today, tomorrow. When you leave house come here, Saturday night…Shey you don sleep wake up now? You don come see daylight now. No dey confuse yourself o. If you wan to confuse yourself, don’t confuse me. Tomorrow, when dey break eh? No be the one of Ikoyi o, of dead people wey dem dey sleep dey fly, na inside night you get day, night, day, about four. Dead people. Inside night dey get day, night, day, night, day, night. About three times like that. Between twelve and six.

Voices: How you take know? How you know?

Fela: How me I know?

Chorus: Yeeeesss!

Fela: Go Ikoyi, you go see show. Wo! You go Ikoyi Cemetery, inside, go enter there. If dem born you well well. Say you don chop belleful now, you be Oga. Go knock cemetery like about one o’clock, one-thirty, enter. Come stroll, you know, like say you be Oga. Wo! Dem go turn your head like this… (indicating backwards). Then you go see show. (Laughter)

Voice: You don go before?

Fela: I don go before? Whether I don go before or not, you go. (Laughter) Na ‘im you go know say…For Lagos, when I dey for prison, na ‘im I know say, one boy tell me the story of how e go do one work. Him been dey work for NPA, e come go do one work with three boys gaaaaan! Three Igbo boys. Dem work be say dem dey dig dead body go sell the bones to one man.

Voice: You’re a liar!

Fela: I’m a liar?

Chorus: Yeees!

Fela: Ehn. I’m a liar, I dey lie on top of toto. (Wild shouting) I must lie on top of toto. I’m a liar. Ode!...Next week Saturday I go give you that story wey dem dey go dig bones.

Voices: No! Today! Today! Today! Today!

Fela: You wan hear am today?

Chorus: Yeeeees!

Fela: This boy, every time for cell na ‘im e dey give us tory. E give us tory, you know everybody dey gist. You no go come tell us, ehm, one day there was a Jack and Jill. Na true story ni o. (Laughter) E say ‘im wan tell us how ‘im loss ‘im four teeth. E say ‘im dey work for NPA. Say ‘im dey live for one house, everybody go see these boys, dem go go. Dem fit go for like three days. Dem go dey shack, dem don
get money. Him go come see dem for their room, come cack. One day they say ol’ boy, let us teach you road, say all this 200 naira, 500 naira work you dey do, no be am. No thief o! Legal work gaaaan! Him come say e go do o. ‘M say you go do? Ok, tonight we dey go. Follow us.

So for night dem come carry jigger, different things, whiskey, shackies, everything, enter moto, come dey go. Come dey go, dey go, dey go. Come go inside one cemetery wey dey inside bush. They find that cemetery. Everybody don wear orishirishi juju for their body, everything. Say, you dey fear? Dem come reach there, dem come throw jigger near one place…

Voice: E no dey there! E no dey there!

Fela: (Addressing the man who interrupted him) I don tell you before…(Laughter) Local monkey…So! Ha! So say na the work be dis o. Say the work? E say ha! We dey dig dis body now, now, now! We dey dig the bones. We go carry am go. Say na the money be dat. Ha! Gbosi dey there. No fear o! Say look. Shack let’s start jo. Na ‘im dem come start. First of all dem know the name of the person, because they must know the name of the person wey die. Dem start to dig. Dig, dig, dig, dig, dig. Dem hit the gbosi,
gbaaa! Open the body. Carry the bones. Put am inside bag. Gbru, gbru, gbru gbru, put am inside moto, yaaam. Carry their thing. Straight! Ijebu Igbo. (Shouts) Dem go meet one man there, one Alhaji like dis.

Voice: Na waa ah!

Fela: The man get one leg, like dis. (Laughter as he moves on one leg) So dey say make ‘im sit down for parlour. Dem meet the man inside room. So small time all of dem come come out. E done make money, six thousand. Show am, say, look money. Six thousand. Because you follow us, I go give you one thousand. Hey eh! Him say one thousaaaand, one night! Ah, the things ‘im wan buy…this one, ‘im go dey dig dey go ni! (Laughter) E say when dem carry bone give the man, the man go look the bone
like dis. E go say, wetin be the name of the bone? Him go put am like this (Demonstrates the man raising it up and inspecting it.) If na ‘im, e go pay. If no be ‘im e no go pay. So you must know the name of the bone.

So every day na so dem dey do. So one day. So..Look this people o. Dem come dey come. Dem come dey come one night. Dem come reach this village, dem come dey make party. Dem come stop there. Dem come ask dem say, hey, wetin dey dem do here. Dem come tell dem say dem dey turn the body of one dead body.

Voices: Fela play now! Ah ah! Stop all this!

Fela: (Continues, ignoring the voices) These boys from Lagos o. Reach village dem dey make party, dey ask, wetin dem dey do there. Dem say dem dey turn the body of one dead body wey die 40 years ago. True! Ah! Dem just cack down go sit down yen eh. So, all the thing dem wan do for that party be say dem wan find out the name of the dead body. Dem come find out sha. Dem come find out where dem keep the bones. That night na ‘im dem carry the bones. Say that bones na nine thousand the Baba pay for dem. Ah! So, on the day wey alarm wan blow…

Voice: Which alarm wan blow?

Fela: …dem come go dig the body of one Ogboni man. (Shouts and whistles) E say na so o, say dem no know o, say this man na Ogboni. E say the man get plot for outside Lagos but e wan make dem bury him near ‘im house.

Voices: Story o! Fake story!

Fela: Dem come reach there. (Cock crows)

Voice: Morning don reach o!

Fela: Dem come start. Say the man house no far o, like 200 yards. Dem come start. Ki! Ki! Ki! Ki! Ki! Ki! Ki! As dem come make the jigger come nack the gbosi like this, gbaaim! Say na ‘im dem see one white thing come out in their front, yen eh! Say all of them come stand dey look am. Nobody fit move. Na so dem dey look. Nobody move o! Fit move. So dem come see say dem don put the lights of the house on.
Everybody dey come with ajugba light. So na so dem come jam dem where all of them dey look this white thing o. So the woman say: “Eyin omo Eko, ekujin jo oku?” Say Lagos boys no dey see dead body again? Say dem beat. Oh. Dem beat. (Laughter) Say their car, dem lose their car. Dem carry dem go police station, where dem face charge for stealing dead body (Long laughter and applause)…We’re going to play for you a tune called M.A.S.S. (Movement Against Second Slavery)

(Music follows)

Monday, June 25, 2007

News Desk Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Obiekea Murder: Army Releases Suspected Soldiers for Trial

OWERRI—The Commander of 34 Field Artillery Brigade, Obinze, Brigadier General Amnon Kalayi Kaskebe, has in compliance with the order of an Owerri High Court, released the two soldiers accused of killing Citizen Sylvester Nnaemeka Obiekea, barely seven hours after his return to Owerri from his base in the United States of America. MORE>>

National Unity Govt: PDP Meets AC, ANPP Today - Sets up Ekwueme-led Reconciliation Committee - OBJ is new Board of Trustees Chairman

National Unity kicked off on Monday in Abuja, President Umar Yar’Adua has disclosed. This is coming as former president, Olusegun Obasanjo, emerged as the new chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), while former Vice President Alex Ekwueme was appointed the chairman of the party’s reconciliation committee. MORE>>

Dokubo-Asari Demands N137m - Says No Disarmament Until Money is Paid

LEADER of the Niger Delta Peoples Volunteer Force, Alhaji Mujaheed Dokubo-Asari, on Monday asked for the refund of N137 million being the amount he said he used to procure the arms he surrendered to the Rivers State government. Addressing newsmen during his visit to Bayelsa State, Dokubo-Asari disclosed that Rivers State government still owed him N137 million, adding that the government should not talk about disarmament until the debt was settled. MORE>>

Nigeria Has Failed Africa - Rawlings

Watch out Nigeria, you may lose it all! That is the warning from Jerry Rawlings, the revolutionary who began to turn Ghana around from 1979, first as a military Head of State, then as a civilian President. He laughed off Nigeria on Sunday for not getting its act together. MORE>>

FG Orders Ehindero to Vacate IG's Residence

Efforts by former Inspector-General of Police, Mr Sunday Gabriel Ehindero to retain the official quarters of the IGP, which he bought while still in service, suffered a setback on Monday, when the Federal Government ordered him to pack out of the residence with immediate effect. MORE>>

Asari-Dokubo Blasts EFCC

Ijaw freedom fighter, Alhaji Mujahid Abubakar Dokubo- Asari, has launched a blistering attack on the anti-corruption campaign of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), accusing the agency of selective operation. He also gave an indication that he would drag former President Olusegun Obasanjo to court to account for money the country earned in eight years. MORE>>

Saturday, June 23, 2007

News Desk Sunday, June 24, 2007

Security Operatives Intercept N190 million at Airport

SECURITY operatives have arrested a top official of the Wuse branch of Skye Bank, Mr. Taiwo Ajanaku, at the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport, Abuja, for allegedly being in illegal possession of N150 million. The operatives are currently grilling the official, who is said to be the zonal cashier of the bank for the Northern zone, including Abuja. MORE>>

Nigeria loses N50bn Daily to Strike

In a statement on Saturday, Ajayi said, “For an economy of an estimated Gross Domestic Product of N18tn, daily loss from the current strike action is estimated at over N50bn.” The LCCI arrived at the N50bn figure based on the N18tn GDP, which it divided by 365 days. The GDP is the monetary value of all the goods and services produced within a country‘s borders in a specific period, including foreign remittances. In Nigeria, it is usually calculated on an annual basis. MORE>>

I've Not Declared Any Assets, Says Uba

Former Governor Andy Uba of Anambra State at the weekend, described as fictitious media reports, which claimed that he has declared his assets worth N1 trillion.
Uba, in a statement he personally signed, said there was no way he could have declared his assets, when the Supreme Court judgment had on June 14, voided his governorship, a day (June 13) after he was given his assets declaration form. MORE>>

As FG Promises One Year ban on Fuel Price Hike..., Labour Suspends Strike

The nationwide strike called jointly by the Nigeria Labour Con-gress (NLC) and the Trade Union Congress (TUC) to protest increases in prices of petroleum products and the Value Added Tax (VAT), among others has been called off. By this development, all business premises, factories and public offices were expected to resume normal operations effective midnight yesterday. MORE>>

OBJ, PDP govs in trouble - As Yar'Adua Moves to appease Opposition - OBJ Begins Tactical Withdrawal from PDP

AS President Umaru Musa Yar’Adua intensifies efforts to pacify the opposition over the outcome of the April general elections, former President Olusegun Obasanjo and some governors on the platform of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) may end up being the pawns in the political chess-game, being perfected for the trouble-shooting venture. MORE>>

Eight Persons Killed in Ebonyi Over Witchcraft

Sequel to the protracted communal crisis that engulfed Onicha-Igboeze Community in Ebonyi State, no fewer than eight persons alleged to be perpetrators of witchcraft and other crimes, have been killed by the irate youths in the town. MORE>>

Fuel: Soldiers Escape Lynching For Killing Driver

PANDEMONIUM broke out yesterday at the local wing of Murtala Muhammed Airport, Lagos as two soldiers, who allegedly chased a commercial bus driver to death, over purchase of petrol from road-side hawkers, narrowly, escaped being lynched by an irate mob. MORE>>

Friday, June 22, 2007

News Desk Friday, June 22, 2007

Soldiers kill 12 militants, free hostages - kidnapped soldiers whereabouts unknown

A combined team of security men on Thursday struck at the National Agip Oil Company (NAOC) platform, killing 12 militant youths and releasing 11 oil workers held hostage by them. The whereabouts of the soldiers held hostage during a reprisal attack launched by the militants were unknown at the time of this report, though soldiers had taken over the platform occupied by the militants. MORE>>

Mile One market reconstruction: RSG pays 40% contract value

Determined to ensure early completion of the reconstruction of the mile one market and the delivery of 200 shops within 100 days in office, the Rivers State government has released 40 per cent of the contractual amount to the contracting firm handling the project. MORE>>

Imo LG Boss slams predecessor over poor performance

Transitional Chairman of Ezinihitte Mbaise Local Government Area of Imo State, Chief Charlton Osuagwu, is quite peeved over reported inaction the council was plunged into in the last three years. The council boss, who took over, for a second time, after the dissolution of local governments in the state, by former Governor, Achike Udenwa, told Daily Independent that it had nothing to show for all the revenues it received during the period. MORE>>

Imo Community turns to God over mysterious deaths, robberies

Women of Uzubi Development Union (UDU) in Orlu Local Government Area of Imo State have decided to seek the face of God to put an end to the incessant and mysterious deaths plaguing the community in recent months. MORE>>

Igbo Youths demand release of Uwazuruike

Igbo youths, under the umbrella of Ntorobia Ohanaeze is amazed at the continued detention of the leader of the Movement for the Actualisation of the Sovereign State of Biafra (MASSOB), Chief Ralph Uwazuruike, by the Federal Government. MORE>>

Strike Continues, Labour may shut essential services

AS fresh talks with the Federal Government failed to yield results yesterday evening in Abuja, Labour leaders have threatened to shut down essential services in the country if their demands are not met. The meeting, which began about 7.30 p.m. last night, could not resolve the contentious issues. At about 9.30 p.m., both parties resolved to reconvene at midnight. MORE>>

Strike day 2: Police arrest labour leaders, dislodge strikers

ENUGU — THE police,yesterday, arrested the Chairman of the Enugu State chapter of the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC), Mr. Eugene Ugwu, and 50 other labour leaders for mobilising transporters and traders to join in the on-going strike. They were, however, released after detention for a few hours. MORE>>

CISA hails ruling on Obi

The Council of Igbo States in the United Sates of America, (CISA) has hailed the Supreme Court ruling to revalidate the tenure of Mr. Peter Obi, as Governor of Anambra State, saying that it is not just a victory for social justice, but a personal victory to each and every Nigerian that found voice to the April 2007 outrage in spite of the coercive pressure that sought to squash it. MORE>>

Strike: PENGASSAN orders shutdown of export terminals

LAGOS — THE Petroleum and Natural Gas Senior Staff Association of Nigeria (PENGASSAN) has directed its members in export terminals and production platforms to shut down operations from today in continuation of the strike to protest the last increase in fuel prices and sale of the Port Harcourt and Kaduna refineries. MORE>>

Ex-governors shut out of new cabinet

Immediate past state governors may have been shut out of the impending cabinet of President Umaru Musa Yar’Adua. THISDAY sources said last night that there was no single former governor in the list of ministerial nominees forwarded to the Senate.
Former Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) governors had relocated to the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Abuja to facilitate their lobbying for positions in the impending cabinet. MORE>>

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

News Desk Wednesday, June 20, 2007

FG, States, LGs Share N266.5bn Allocation

THE federal, states and the 774 local government councils are to share N266.56 billion among themselves. At the Federation Account Allocation Committee (FAAC) meeting held Tuesday in Abuja, N241.689 billion statutory allocation and N24.880 Value Added Tax (VAT) were shared for the month of May. MORE>>

Labour Rejects FGs Concessions

Despite government’s concessions to reduce the price of petrol to N70 per litre, from the N75 earlier announced by former President Olusegun Obasanjo as well as reversal of Value Added Tax (VAT) rate to five percent, from 10 percent, the organized labour and civil society coalition say on Tuesday there is no going back on strike. MORE>>

Diplomats Want U.S. Marines to Quit Nigeria's Coastal Waters

DIPLOMATS and international relations scholars yesterday took a swipe at the United States (U.S.) over the presence of its marines in Nigerian coastal waters. They described it as a threat to the nation's security. The diplomats at a round-table discussion on the idea of a continental government for Africa ahead of July 2007 conference in Ghana, held at the Nigerian Institute of International Affairs, (NIIA) Victoria Island, Lagos yesterday, dismissed a statement credited to the Chief of Naval Staff over the matter, warning that a repeat of the Kuwaiti experience may be imminent in Nigeria. MORE>>

...International Flights Cancelled

Scarcity of petroleum products occasioned by the planned industrial action has prompted international carriers to abort flights into Lagos and other parts of the country. THISDAY learnt yesterday that flights that were billed to arrive today from London and other European cities were cancelled because the airlines would not be able to source aviation fuel, popularly known as JET A1, when they arrive. MORE>>

Robbers Lay Siege on Imo Communities

OWERRI— INDIGENES of Mgbidi, Otulu, Amiri and some other communities in Oru East and West local government areas of Imo State are now living in fear as armed robbers have overrun their communities, intimidating, harassing, stealing and raping women at will. MORE>>

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

A Father's Day

When I was growing up in my native Igbo land, "Fathers Day," as we all tend to embrace it with the emotional attachments established here in the United States for our offsprings to appreciate the role of fatherhood in their upbringing, never minding the tedious work to raise a child to adulthood, the word love was Greek to our ears. I don't remember telling my dad "I love you, dad" on any occasion.

Last Sunday, June 17, 2007, was something special. My teenage daughter had always wished me a Happy Fathers Day, but this time around, precocious, big and bold, had decided to write me a piece telling me how important I've been in her life, and how she appreciates my presence in the cult of true fatherhood. No occasion is really big deal to me even dating back to celebrating Christmas when special meals were made - the rice and chicken dinner, merry-making and all the seasonal activities that came along with it - I was touched when my daughter told me how much she loved me regardless of my strictness trying to raise her to be a good girl and a product of sound upbringing. My daughter writes;


Happy father's day! I love you! I want you to know how much you are appreciated. Thank you for being here. I know sometimes you get a little frustrated with me, but thank you for not giving up on me. As my father you are very much needed in my life. I hope as your daughter that I am needed in yours. Thank you for your continued support and patience. I love you again. I love you dad!"

I'm not really sure if I was able to express my opinion and wrote in this pattern at my age while growing up. I love you, too, girl!

Apparently, she paid attention, though daddy's girl, I am very proud of her, and she has delivered. Straight A student, point guard at Morningside High School and VP of the Student's Leadership Forum, she has propelled herself to the forefront without much from me even though teenagers would do their own thing rebelling from the status quo. I must confess, it bothered me especially in an era of cultural revolution.

On Sunday, June 17, 2007, Norshay (my daughter) had hidden what she had for me. She brought out this white envelope and had asked me "what are we going to do today, it's fathers Day, dad?"

"What do you wanna do?" I told her.

"Maybe we should go and have lunch and watch a movie," she said.

"I think a movie will be fine, I don't know about having lunch," I said.

"Ok, going to the movie is fine, what do you want to see? she asked.

"I don't really know! How about Ocean's Thirteen, the sequel that plays George Clooney in the leading role?" I responded.

"O yeah! You mean Brad Pitt, Matt Damon, Don Cheadle, Bernie Mac, Andy Garcia and Ellen Barkin? I would like to see Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer.

Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer is an adventure, comedy, science fiction movie, the kind of stuff kids like to watch. I'm not into science fiction and all that animation, but I agreed to go see Fantastic Four, what she had in mind to please her quest of how much she loves her father.

Well, like it goes, we drove to Magic Johnson Theaters and got on line to purchase our tickets. Looking at the screen, she changed her mind at the box office requesting to see Ocean's Thirteen. We purchased the tickets, got into the lobby and bought some popcorns. She likes 'em buttered which is scarry due to my cholestrol and age. You can't hang with teenagers or else your ancestors will be knocking on your back door, if you know what I mean.

Sitting on one of the backrow seats, the feature movie began to play and Brad Pitt had surfaced which I only remembered. I dozed off all through the movie until I was punched on my ribs to get up - "the movie is over, dad," she said to me.

"Did you like the movie?" I asked.

"It was very good," she said.

Next time, in occasions like this, I will invoke my ancestors to provide me with kola nuts in order to stay awake to let my daughter know I can hang.

Monday, June 18, 2007

News Desk Tuesday, June 19, 2007

10% VAT, FUEL PRICE HIKE; Nationwide Strike Begins

ABUJA — WITH the stage set for the commencement, tonight, of the nationwide strike called by Labour and the civil society groups, the House of Representatives has declared as illegal the increase of the Value Added Tax (VAT) from five per cent to 10 per cent by the Federal Government.
The increase in VAT is one of the measures which the unions want reversed. The others are the recent increase in fuel prices and the sale of the Port Harcourt and Kaduna refineries. MORE>>

Ministerial List: PDP Reject ex-Govs

ABUJA —THE aspirations of some immediate past governors for ministerial positions in the Yar'Adua administration may have hit the rocks following
the resolution of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) national caucus to drop them from the list. MORE>>

Customs Officials Beat Textile Trader Into Coma

ENUGU—A textile dealer was yesterday beaten to a state of coma by three officials of the Nigeria Customs in Enugu in an attempt to secure the release of his textile materials seized by the service last Friday. MORE>>

I'll Run An All-Inclusive Govt - Obi

ENUGU —GOVERNOR Peter Obi of Anambra State yesterday promised to run an all-inclusive government as he takes over governance of the state but declared that he would not dissolve his former cabinet, which he said was not given the opportunity to steer the ship of the state towards the attainment of the administration’s desire for a new dawn. MORE>>

MURDER TRIAL: [Obiekea] CP Blames Non-Release of Soldiers on Communication

OWERRI—Imo State Commissioner of Police, Mr. Audu Abubakar, says the current misunderstanding over the non-release of the two soldiers accused of murdering Citizen Sylvester Nnaemeka Obiekea, by the Commander of 34 Field Artillery Brigade, Obinze, Brigadier general Amnon Kalayi Kwaskebe, arose out of communication gap. MORE>>

Govt Cuts Petrol Price to N70, Suspends VAT

IN a last-minute effort, the Federal Government yesterday moved to avert a nationwide strike called by Labour leaders and the civil society.

The government, at a meeting with the leaders of the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) and the Trade Union Congress (TUC) offered to revert the prices of kerosene and diesel to the old rates. It, also agreed to suspend the recent 100 percent increase in the Value Added Tax (VAT) and to remove N5 from the recent N10 jack up in the price of petroleum. MORE>>

Report Indicts police Budget Boss, Obaniyi, in N21.6m Scam

PRELIMINARY investigations have indicted the former Commissioner of Police in charge of budget, Mr. John Obaniyi, over the controversial N21.6 million that was apparently being moved out of the Force Headquarters in tranches on June 7, this year. A tranche of N900,000 was intercepted while Obaniyi's official driver, Police Constable Elisha Augustine, was leaving the fifth floor store at the Force Headquarters in Abuja, clutching a suspicious bag. MORE>>

No Deal With Yar'Adua, says Buhari

Former head of state and presidential candidate of the All Nigeria Peoples Party (ANPP) in the last April 21 presidential election, General Mohammadu Buhari has turned down an offer for discussion by President Umar Yar’Adua. MORE>>

Militants Hold 11 Soldiers, 16 Others Hostage

NIGER Delta militants have detained 11 soldiers and 16 other people at one of the oil fields operated by Italian oil giant, Agip. Agip said this on Monday, and pointed out that those held were working at its facility that was overrun on Sunday by militants. MORE>>

Tribunal Renews Order for Ajimobi to Inspect Poll Materials

The Election Petitions Tribunal in Oyo State has frowned at the non-compliance of the Independent National Electoral Commission(INEC) over its order to produce for inspection, electoral materials used for the April 14 governorship election as a result of which it gave another order yesterday, compelling the INEC for the same purpose within 14 days. MORE>>

Police Arrest 17 Suspects in Imo

Imo State Police Command in two months arrested over 17 suspects over various degrees of criminal activities in the state, State Police Commissioner, Alhaji Audu Abubakar has said. Briefing newsmen in his maiden interaction with the press, yesterday, Abubakar said the suspects were arrested over armed robbery, impersonation or fraud-related crimes. MORE>>

Ohakim Flags off Sanitation Program

Governor Ikedi Ohakim of Imo State has flagged off the state’s monthly environmental sanitation aimed at restoring the state to its past glory as the cleanness state east of the Niger. The exercise flagged off at Wethedral Road Owerri by the deputy governor, Dr. Mrs Ada Okwuonu, witnessed huge turn out of residents who participated in cleaning their surroundings and the gutters. MORE>>

A Governor in Chains

Theodore Orji sat with rapt attention. He smiled from time to time. Clearly, he was the man of the moment. Fresh off the hook of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, which accused him of being the conduit through which Abia State had been defrauded in the last eight years, he basked in the euphoria of the day. When Orji Kalu, the then governor of the state whom he served as chief of staff, mounted the rostrum and tried to defuse some misgivings that the new governor would not be his own man, Orji could not but laugh. MORE>>

G8: Lessons for Nigeria

AT its annual summit meetings, the Group of Eight leading industrialised countries works towards taking a common position on issues that help create stable and reliable conditions for its continued dominance of the global economy. G8 nations then employ the UN machinery (within which they wield unassailable influence) to translate any agreed position into a detailed draft document for adoption by the UN General Assembly as an international protocol for all UN-member countries to observe, with any defaulters running the risk of collective sanctions. MORE>>

Fire Disaster Consumes Part of Orosi House...Claims Life of a Lawyer

The fire incident which occurred at Orosi House, along 28 Forces Avenue, Old GRA Port Harcourt last Sunday afternoon has claimed the life a legal luminary in the state. The victim, Barr H.E. Nwabara, was said to have gone to work that faithful afternoon, after attending church service in the morning and in doing so, he and his beloved family members did not know that death could be lurking around the bend.
The security man looking after the palatial six-floor edifice hinted that, when he realised that the building was on fire, he quickly rushed to bang at Nwagbra's office door, knowing that he was there. MORE>>

Oil Firm Above $72, Near 10-Month High on Nigeria

SINGAPORE (Reuters) - Oil prices ticked lower but held firm near 10-month highs on Tuesday after a general strike threat by Nigerian unions and further violence in the delta helped extend the market's gains to a fourth session. London benchmark Brent crude edged 10 cents lower to $72.08 a barrel by 0214 GMT after touching intra-day peak of $72.25 on Monday, its highest since August 28. MORE>>

Saturday, June 16, 2007

News Desk Saturday, June 16, 2007

Yar'Adua Stops EFCC From Arresting Atiku, Nnamani, Tinubu, Others

There were indications on Thursday that the President, Alhaji Umaru Yar’Adua, had directed the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) not to arrest some top functionaries of the last civilian administration as the commission had envisaged. MORE>>

Uba: I am a Victim of Historical Circumstances - Obi Resumes on Monday

Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) gubernatorial candidate in Anambra State, Dr. Andy Uba, has said his removal as governor by Thursday’s Supreme Court ruling arose from historical circumstances predating his election. MORE>>

Andy Uba, the 17-Day Governor

AS things stand now, Dr. Andy Uba is going down in the history of Nigeria as the governor to serve the shortest tenure. On the flip side, Mr. Peter Obi will also be in history books as the governor who has benefitted the most from the judiciary, strengthening the nation’s democracy along the way. MORE>>

Enahoro Demands Release of Uwazuruike, Others

The Pro-National Conference Organisation (PRONACO) and the “June 12 Coalition” have demanded for the unconditional release of MASSOB leader, Mr. Ralph Uwazuruike, and other political detainees. MORE>>

Militants Announce Ceasefire

Armed gangs in the Niger Delta have resolved to sheathe their swords and end hostilities against the Nigerian state and those perceived as its collaborators.

The resolution is to reciprocate Thursday’s release of leader of the Niger Delta Peoples Volunteer Force (NDPVF), Mujahid Dokubo-Asari, by a Federal High Court in Abuja, which granted him bail on health grounds after a 21-month legal battle for his freedom. MORE>>

I Know Yar'Adua Better Than Obasanjo

FORMER Vice President Atiku Abubakar yesterday spoke on some national issues, especially his petition at the polls tribunal and the Supreme Court's resolution of the tenure of Anambra State Governor, Mr. Peter Obi. MORE>>

Police Fraud: Detectives Find Naira Bills Inside Refrigerators, TV Sets

Detectives probing the N21 million fraud at the Force Headquarters, Abuja, have reportedly uncovered a huge stock of naira bills stashed inside unused television sets and a refrigerators in the home of a senior police officer linked to the scandal. MORE>>

State Creation Will Top Constitution Review - Mark

The President of the Senate, Senator David Mark, on Friday said the creation of new states would top the review of the 1999 Constitution. Mark, who spoke while receiving a delegation of the Southern Kaduna Peoples Union (SOKAPU), led by Col. Elias Nyan (rtd), at the Senate building in Abuja, said, “I want to assure you and I am saying the minds of our colleagues who are here, that one of the first steps that this Senate will take is constitution amendment. I believe in it; people have held it against me, but I am convinced in my heart of hearts that we need to look at the constitution. Unfortunately, that exercise was hijacked! MORE>>

Strike: Labour/Govt Talks Deadlock

The stage may have been set for a nationwide strike as the meeting between labour and government over the contentious issues of hike in pump price of petroleum products, VAT rate and sale of refineries ended in deadlock last night. MORE>>

ECOWAS to Adopt Boderless Boundaries

The Heads of the Economic Commu-nity of West African States (ECOWAS) yesterday held its 32nd Summit in Abuja with a view to ensuring the adoption of a strategic decision on borderless boundaries among the member states. The member states also resolved to accelerate the levels of cooperation between themselves. MORE>>

10 Indian Hostages Released in Nigeria

NEW DELHI: Ten Indians abducted in Nigeria 16 days ago have been released. All of them, who worked with a franchise of Indonesia-based Indorama firm, are with company officials, Ministry of External Affairs sources here said on Sunday. MORE>>

Friday, June 15, 2007

News Desk Friday, June 15, 2007

Queue behind me, Ngige tells Uba

Abuja—Former Governor of Anambra State , Dr. Chris Ngige yesterday applauded the Supreme Court judgment reinstating Mr. Peter Obi as the Governor of the State and charged the ousted governor, Mr. Andy Uba to queue behind him in the rank of the former governors of the State. MORE>>

Olanipekun, Falana, others react

Prominent Lawyers reacted to the Supreme Court judgement yesterday, describing it as a land mark judgement but would create so many constitutional changes in Nigeria. Chief Wole Olanipekun (SAN) said, “ My reaction is that the Supreme Court judgement is excellent. What the Supreme Court was saying is that there was no governorship election in Anambra State and that Obi is the substantive governor of the state. MORE>>

Yar'Adua Orders quick reinstatement of Gov. Supreme Court kicks out Uba

President Umaru Yar’Adua has directed the solicitor-general of the federation and the inspector-general of police to quickly implement yesterday’s Supreme Court ruling on Mr Peter Obi. MORE>>

Asari Dokubo regains freedom...MOSOP hails bail

Leader of the Niger Delta Peoples Volunteer Force (NDPVF),Alhaji Mujaheed Asari Dokubo, has been granted bail on health grounds by a Federal High Court in Abuja. MORE>>

Police smash armed robbery gang

A gang of armed robbers, led by a man, who identified himself as a sentry at 2 Division, Nigerian Army, Ibadan, was smashed in Lagos yesterday.
A member of the 11-man gang was shot dead as the robbers engaged the police in a shoot-out that lasted for about 30 minutes at the Iyana Ipaja area of Lagos. MORE>>

Fuel Scarcity returns as IPMAN, NARTO begin strike

FUEL scarcity is here again as Independent Petroleum Marketers Association (IPMAN) and National Association of Road Transport Owners (NARTO) begin strike today to protest increase in pump prices of protroleum products. They also called for the sack of those managing public assets in the sector. MORE>>

Long journey to justice in Anambra

IN an interview in November 2006, the Archbishop of Onitsha, Anambra State, Valerian Okeke, made a poignant statement. He said: "God has not finished with Anambra State." The truth in the cleric's declaration came out in bold relief yesterday as the Supreme Court finally put to rest the perceived suppression of the people's will by powerful forces in high places. MORE>>

Yar'Adua invites govs over empty treasuries

FOLLOWING reports that some new governors met empty treasuries, President Umaru Musa Yar’Adua has decided to convene a meeting with all state governors. MORE>>

Drop OBJ's reform programms, Yar'Adua told

The chairman of the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA), Ilorin, Kwara State branch, Mr. Kehinde Eleja, has urged President Umar Musa Yar’Adua to reverse some of the policies of the former president, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, especially those believed to have negative effects on the well-being of Nigerians. MORE>>

Yar'Adua orders Ehindero's arrest

President Umaru Yar’Adua has ordered the arrest of former Inspector General of Police (IG), Sunday Ehindero, to answer allegations of corruption levelled against him. A police source disclosed in Abuja on Thursday that the directive followed the submission of the interim report on the investigation of the N21.6 million scam, which lid was blown last week when the aides of Police Budget Commissioner, John Obaniyi, were arrested. MORE>>

Police rank and file threaten showdown over N21.6m scandal

The rank and file in the police have threatened a showdown with the hierarchy of the force if attempt is made to cover up the N21 million scandal now rocking the force. MORE>>

Gunmen kidnap 4 foreign workers in Nigeria, military says

WARRI, Nigeria (AP) - Gunmen kidnapped four foreign workers Friday in Nigeria's lawless southern oil heartland, snatching the expatriates on land and spiriting them away into the swamps in speedboats, officials said. MORE>>

Metropolitan police to return 200,000 pounds (419 money) to Nigeria

THE MET POLICE'S Proceeds of Corruption Unit has succeeded in securing the return of nearly £200,000 pounds back to the Nigeria Government, following a successful confiscation hearing against a convicted money launderer. Joyce Bamidele Oyebanjo [DOB 16.07.66 - 40yrs], a housing tenancy manager, from Teresa Gardens, Waltham Cross, Hertfordshire, was sentenced on 04.04.07, to three years imprisonment, at Southwark Crown Court, having been found guilty of money laundering £1.4m of money stolen from Nigerian State funds. MORE>>

Shell eyes $100mln in Nigeria cuts to offset rising costs, declining revenue

LONDON (MarketWatch) -- Royal Dutch Shell PLC (RDSB.LN) is looking to axe at least $100 million from its Nigerian operations in the next few years to offset rising costs and prolonged and substantial oil revenue losses caused by forced production curtailments due to security concerns, people familiar with Shell's operations said. MORE>>

Obi - Thrice a winner

Businessman and financial expert, Mr. Peter Obi, and his loyalists would by now be clinking glasses of wine over his victory at the Supreme Court. For this dogged fighter, the choice of the courts to seek redress confirms that good things can still come from the judiciary. MORE>>

Thursday, June 14, 2007

News Desk Thursday, June 14, 2007

Banks rescue lawmakers with N23.45bn housing loan, Senators, Reps members to get N50m each

ABUJA— A CONSORTIUM of banks is packaging a total of N23.4 billion as loans to the 469 members of the National Assembly to enable them tackle the accommodation problem facing them since their June 5 inauguration. MORE>>

Five villages donate land to Nnamdi Azikiwe Varsity

Awka—Five villages in Agulu community of Anambra State have donated about 5.6 acres of land to the Nnamdi Azikiwe University to build its Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences. The project will be sponsored by Dr. Ifeanyi Okoye, of JUHEL Pharmaceutical Compnay based in Enugu. MORE>>

N21.6m Scam: Okiro stops commissioner's posting

ABUJA — FOLLOWING the N21. 6 million scam now rocking the Police, the Commissioner of Police in Charge of Budget, Mr John Obaniyi, who is at the centre of the alleged scam, has forfeited his new posting as Commissioner of Police in charge of the Nigerian Ports Authority (NPA). The posting was cancelled by the Acting Inspector-General of Police, Mr. Mike Okiro. MORE>>

28 cops die in auto crash; 9 militants killed in gun fight with soldiers

YENAGOA— TWENTY-eight mobile policemen on a special duty trip from Taraba to Rivers State, yesterday, lost their lives in a motor accident at Aliade, Benue State, while nine suspected militants were shot dead also yesterday by men of the Joint Military Task Force for the Niger Delta in Bayelsa State. MORE>>

EFCC insists on trial of ex-governors

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, on Monday, insisted that it would prosecute former governors who looted state funds. The commission said it might not accept the ex-governors’ request for plea bargaining. Plea bargaining is a negotiation in which an accused person agrees to plead “guilty” or “no contest” in return for the reduction of the charges or dismissal of some of the charges against him or her. MORE>>

Police, PHCN, Customs top corruption list - Research

The Nigeria Police Force, the Power Holding Company of Nigeria, the Nigeria Customs Service and the Ministry of Education (particularly higher institutions and examination bodies) are the most corrupt institutions in Nigeria. MORE>>

10 houses traced to Ehindero

No fewer than 10 houses have been traced to immediate past Inspector General of Police Mr Sunday Ehindero, all reportedly built during his two years as top cop. MORE>>

Absence of judge stalls Asari-Dokubo's trial

FOLLOWING the absence of the presiding Judge, the trial of the Niger Delta Peoples Volunteers Force (NDPVF) leader, Alhaji Mujaheed Asari-Dokubo for alleged treason before a Federal High Court in Abuja yesterday was put off till today. MORE>>

Federal legislators to get N3.7b loan for cars

THE Federal Government is considering granting a loan of N3.74 billion for the 469 members of the National Assembly to buy cars of their choices. Each senator is to get N8,105,600 while those of the House of Representatives will get N7,940,848 apiece. MORE>>

Robbers bisiege Awgu-Oji River Road

Daredevil robbers who attack both private and commercial vehicles in broad daylight are now terrorising commuters along Awgu-Oji River road in Enugu State, on a daily basis. MORE>>

Achike Udenwa's Theory of Reserves

"If robust treasury means cash, I don’t think it is necessary that government will leave cash in the treasury. The Federal Government may be judged by its external reserve but a state like Imo does not need to leave a robust treasury." MORE>>

Customs 'traps' wheel-chairs at Onne Port

A 40-FEET container of wheel-chairs donated by an American philanthropist, Don Schoendorfer to the physically-challenged in Nigeria has been trapped at Onne Port in Port Harcourt, Rivers State. The consignment, the first in the set of wheel-chairs meant to be distributed in the country, has been in the port since August 2006 allegedly because of the controller of Area II of the Nigerian Customs Service (NCS), John Atte. MORE>>

EFCC quizzes Ibori, Igbinedion, Imo commissioner too

ECONOMIC and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) yesterday quizzed immediate past governor of Edo State, Chief Lucky Igbinedion and his Delta State counterpart, Chief James Ibori on alleged sleaze. Also interrogated were former Commissioner for Information and Culture in Imo State, Sir George Egu, permanent secretary of the information ministry, Innocent Nwangwu and the retired director general of Imo Broadcasting Corporation (IBC), Mr Chigbokwu. MORE>>

ANPP accepts to work with Yar'Adua

After several weeks of overtures from President Umaru Musa Yar'Adua, the All Nigeria Peoples Party (ANPP) has finally agreed to team up with him to form a government of national unity. However, the campaign organisation of Gen. Muhammadu Buhari, the ANPP presidential candidate in the April polls, has faulted the acceptance of the offer by the National Chairman of the party, Chief Edwin Ume-Ezoke, who was Buhari's running mate in the election. MORE>>

Nigeria's Appeal Court Judges in N800 million bribery Scandal

The last hope of the common man, the Judiciary may be the last symbol of state that is betraying the trust of Nigerian people. Appellate judges sitting in Abuja as arbiters on the prolonged intra People Democratic Party PDP governorship tussle in the case of former Speaker of the River State House of Assembly, Rotimi Amaechi, and newly elected Governor of Rivers State, Celestine Omeihia are now being accused of collecting about N800 Million ($8 Million) as gratification to influence their decision. MORE>>

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

...Achebe honoured for his contributions to fiction

...Achebe honoured for his contributions to fiction

LONDON — Nigeria's Chinua Achebe, hailed as the father of modern African writing, was awarded the £60,000 ($126,200) Man Booker International Prize Wednesday.

His award capped a triumphant month for Nigerian authors, as Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie last week landed the Orange Prize, one of the literary world's top awards for women writers.

Achebe won out over a host of international literary stars, including Canadians Margaret Atwood (a two-time nominee), Alice Munro and Michael Ondaatje. The Booker's 15-name List of Contenders also included such authors as Don DeLillo, Doris Lessing, Philip Roth and Salman Rushdie. MORE>>

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The Way We Live

After 47 years of independence and we still haven't changed? What's going on?

Monday, June 11, 2007

News Desk Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Ex-Gov Nnamani Returns, Now in Abuja

Immediate past governor of Enugu State, Dr. Chimaroke Nnamani, who travelled abroad before the hand over date on May 29, returned to the country on Monday. He came back from the United States, where he had been on holiday for more than one month. MORE>>

Fawehinmi, Others Demand Release of Dokubo-Asari, Uwazuruike

SEVERAL eminent Nigerians and civil society groups yesterday in Lagos protested the continued detention of the leaders of the Niger Delta Peoples Volunteer Force (NDPVF), Alhaji Mujahid Dokubo-Asari, and Chief Ralph Uwazuruike of the Movement for the Actualisation of the Sovereign State of Biafra (MASSOB). MORE>>

EFCC Recovers N100bn Assets From Ex-Govs

The on-going interrogation of former state governors by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) may have started yielding dividends. The commission has recovered assets of some of the former state chief executives worth over N100 billion, THISDAY was informed yesterday. MORE>>

Ousmane, Father of Senegalese Cinema, Dies

Sembene Ousmane, the father of Senegalese cinema and one of the pioneers of the art in Africa, died at his home over the weekend after a long illness. He was 84.
"It’s a great loss for Senegal, for Africa and for cinema," said Tidiane Niangan, the director of a government-run cinematography institute. MORE>>

Hostage Takes Release Two Indians in Nigeria

YENAGOA: Hostage takers released 12 foreign hostages including two Indians in Nigeria's restive southern oil heartland, officials said. MORE>>

120 Indianbs Quit Nigerian Oil Firm After Kidnappings

LAGOS: Around 120 Indian nationals working for the Eleme Petrochemical Company in southern Nigeria have left the region or the country following two kidnappings, a company spokesman said on Monday. MORE>>

Yar'Adua, Governors Get New Pay

Indications emerged on Monday that President Umaru Yar’Adua, state governors, political and public officers will enjoy a new pay package. Apart from lawmakers at all levels, the Chief Justice of Nigeria and other judicial officers will also benefit from the new pay. MORE>>

Tinubu Appears Before EFCC

The immediate past governor of Lagos State, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, on Monday appeared before the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission in Abuja on allegations of mismanagement of funds and money laundering against him. MORE>>

Abiola's Family in N.3m PHCN Debt

AS pro-democracy activists commemorate the 14th anniversary of the annulled June 12, 1993 presidential election presumably won by the late Bashorun M.K.O. Abiola today, his family house at 169 Agura Road, Abeokuta, Ogun State has been disconnected from public power supply over N.3 million debt owed the Power Holding Company of Nigeria (PHCN). MORE>>

Agwu Emerges Abia House Speaker

UMUAHIA—THE fourth Abia State House of Assembly was inaugurated yesterday in Umuahia with the majority leader in the immediate legislature, Chief Agwu U Agwu representing Arochukwu constituency emerging the Speaker. The deputy speaker was the former chairman of Ukwa West local government, Mr. Chinedum Elechi who was elected unopposed. MORE>>

Nigerian Appointed to US Election Body

A Nigerian born US lawyer has risen to the heights of legal practice in New York, where the State Chief Judge named him to New York State Independent Judicial Election Qualification Commissions. MORE>>

South Africa to Employ Nigerian Teachers

Nigerian teachers are part of those earmaked by South African authorities to be given consideration for teaching jobs in the country. MORE>>

Ojukwu, Asemota Describe Yar'Adua as Interim President

Former Biafran leader and presidential candidate of the All Progressive Grand Alliance (APGA), Chief Emeka Odumegwu-Ojukwu and constitutional and human rights lawyer, Solomon Asemota (SAN), at the weekend described Alhaji Umar Yar’Adua’s government as interim. MORE>>

News Desk Monday, June 11, 2007

EFCC, ICPC to Screen Ministerial Nominees

All ministerial nominees may be screened by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) and the Independent Corrupt Practices and Other Related Offences Commission (ICPC) before their names are forwarded to the Senate for confirmation, THISDAY has learnt. MORE>>

Nnamani May Return This Week

The fleeing former Enugu State Governor, Dr. Chimaroke Nnamani, may return to the country this week to take his seat at the Senate. Sources close to the former Governor said he may come back to also honour the invitation extended to him by the Economic and Financial Crime Commission (EFCC) to answer some questions on his stewardship as the chief executive of Enugu State between 1999 and 2007. MORE>>

Supreme Court Explains Decision on Andy Uba

Supreme Court at the weekend, explained why it cautioned that Dr. Andy Uba will vacate office as governor of Anambra State if Dr. Peter Obi wins in his tenure elongation suit. MORE>>

I Have Obasanjo's Killer Secrets, says ex-Senate President, Wabara...

Former Senate President, Adolphus Wabara has declared that at the appropriate time, he would reveal all that he knew about former President Olusegun Obasanjo’s administration, even as he declared that the Chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), Mallam Nuhu Ribadu was a stooge under the Obasanjo’s administration. MORE>>

Police Quiz Former Top Official Over Controversial Money

THE Police High Command in Abuja at the weekend quizzed a retired top police boss over his role in the N21 million, which was found with two policemen last Thursday at the Force Headquarters building in Abuja. MORE>>

Return Loot or Face Trial, EFCC Tells ex-Governors

There were indications in Abuja on Sunday that the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission had given some former governors being probed for alleged corruption the option of refunding their loot or risk being prosecuted. MORE>>

Immigration Sets Border Traps For ex-Govs

LAGOS — THE Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS) has constituted a task force to stop ex-governors who may want to flee the country on account of the recent summons from the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) to 15 former state chief executives. MORE>>

World Rights Body Denies Nigeria Membership Renewal

ABUJA—The International Coordinating Committee of National Institutions for the Promotion and Protection of Human Rights has refused to renew Nigeria’s membership on account of what it called "irregular" removal of former Executive Secretary of the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC), Mr Bukhari Bello, from office. MORE>>

Orji Expresses Shock Over Douglas House Fire

OWERRI—Abia State Governor, Chief Theodore Orji, has expressed dismay over the colossal loss of Imo State Governor’s temporary lodge, the “Douglas House”, by a mysterious fire that completely razed the colonial edifice. MORE>>

Uba Replies Petition, Debunks Ngige's Claims of Unlawful Exclusion

Awka—Govervnor Andy Uba of Anambra State has filed his reply to the petition lodged against his election at the April 14, 2007 polls by Action Congress candidate and former Anambra State Governor, Dr. Chris Ngige, arguing that Ngige and his deputy, Chief Phil Agbasi were not unlawfully excluded from the election by INEC as they are claiming. Rather, Uba said that the duo were ab initio invalidly nominated by their party. MORE>>

N.9m Found in TV Set at Police Officers House

THE last may not have been heard about the scandal involving several millions of naira rocking the Nigeria Police, as detectives have recovered over N900,000 cash from a Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP), Olu Monday, attached to the office of the former commissioner of police in charge of the Force Budget, Mr. John Obaniyi. MORE>>

Sunday, June 10, 2007

The Best Of The Jimmy Castor Bunch: The Everything Man

Building up my music library, for just 10 bucks, I added another great CD remastered by Rhino Records which I purchased at Amoeba Records on the corner of Sunset and Cahuenga in Hollywood. In my own assessment and opinion, The Jimmy Castor Bunch, in my list, ranks among the top ten of the entire disco era when KC & The Sunshine Band reigned as kings. This singer, writer, arranger, saxophonist, percussionist and producer is something else

I have been listening to this great tunes - "Hey, Leroy, Your Mama's Calling You," "Say Leroy "(The Creature From The Black Lagoon Is Your Father)," "Supersound," "King Kong," "Bom Bom," and "The Return Of Leroy Pt. 1" - over and over again as the vibes takes me back to memory lane, the 70s disco fever era. The CD comes with liner notes by James Marshall of WFMU, 91.1 FM, East Orange, New Jersey. According to Marshal, "Jimmy Castor was a product of Harlem's Sugar Hill where The Teenagers sprang up as "the first super group" that ruled the corner of Edgecome Avenue and 164Th Street in Harlem;s Sugar Hill.

But the first time I heard the name Jimmy Castor was when I was growing up, the teenage years of the disco era. It was just a social gathering when "Supersound" popped up and we all got up on our feet grooving as if we knew what the theme was all about. The rhythm was all good and we got the moves. Supersound which I was familiar with growing up kept every party going as disco virtually took over from the funk era usherring in a new wave of Rhythm and Blues. Just listen to the music and you'll see how castor's timbales sent the message across, a hard core groove disco number. The entire CD is great and I would not trade it for anything.

More stuff on The Jimmy Castor Bunch are available at All About Forgotten Oldies, a website that caters for the oldies but goodies music from the 60s to present. Check it out! Also, CD Universe is a well organized resource for the classics.

Track List:

1. Hey, Leroy, Your Mama's Calling You
2. Southern Fried Frijoles
3. It's Just Begun
4. Troglodyte (Cave Man)
5. Say Leroy (The Creature From The Black Lagoon Is Your Father)
6. Maggie
7. Bertha Butt Boogie
8. Potential
9. Supersound
10.King Kong
11.Bom Bom
12.Space Age
13.The Return Of Leroy Pt 1
14.Maximum Stimulation
15.Don't Do That! (Single Edit)
16.Let it out
17.I Promise - Jimmy Castor & The Juniors

The Jimmy Castor Lyrics are provided at Hot Lyrics: Enjoy!

Hey, Leroy
Your Mama,
She's calling you, man

Go to your Mama
Go to your Mama
Go to your Mama
Go to your Mama
Go to your Mama
Go to your Mama
Go to your Mama

(Instrumental Interlude)

Hey, Leroy
Your Mama,
She's calling you
She's mad, man

(Instrumental Interlude)

Hey, Leroy
Are you done, man
Your Mommy's walkin' down there
Go to your Mama
Go to your Mama
Go to your Mama

Komo Sambe Kong Kong!

Woo wooo woo

He lived in the jungle where he was born the king
His great strength made him lord of everything
No creature crossed his path and lived for long
His name, so legend tells us, was King Kong
His height was never measured but was great
The jungle shook beneath his mighty weight
His arms were muscled, sturdy as a tree
His chest was thick and wide as it could be

Komo Sambe, King Kong
Komo Sambe Kong (King Kong)
Komo Sambe (King Kong)
Komo Sambe Kong (King Kong)
Komo Sambe

He didn't dance or party
He spoke at times, but hardly
One woman heard his love call
But he was too big and too tall

whooo woo woo woo woo
Whoo woo wo woo woooo

One day while Kong was sleepin' on his back
A tyranasaurus launched a sneak attack
They fought, first Kong went down then up again
The fight went on, no one knew who would win
Kong reached and seized the monster with both hands
And summoned all his strength at his command
He stretched the creature's mouth 'till it was split
Then like a child began to play with it
He beat his hairy chest and looked around
Five miles away they heard his roaring sound

Komo Sambe, (King Kong)
Komo Sambe Kong (King Kong)
Komo Sambe (King Kong)
Komo Sambe Kong (King Kong)
Komo Sambe

He didn't dance or party
He spoke at times, but hardly
One woman heard his love call
But he was too big and too tall

Whoo woo woo woo wo wo
Who wo woo wo wooo woooo

From everyone he knew he got respect
Whoever failed to give it he'd correct he, he, haw
No creature crossed his path and lived for long
His name, so legend tells us, was King Kong

Komo Sambe, (King Kong)
Komo Sambe Kong (King Kong)
Komo Sambe (King Kong)
Komo Sambe Kong (King Kong)